Finally upgraded to Kubuntu Karmic 9.10!!

Finally on 31/10/2009, I updated my machine to Kubuntu Karmic 9.10!! Was very nervous as not very good or clear cut reviews were available for me to decide if I should upgrade or not but took the Plunge.

This release fixes some old bugs and gives birth to few new ones. I did not have Desktop Effects using OpenGL working in Jaunty(may be previous releases as well), now it works perfectly with absolutely no Desktop Freezeing!!. So I have very fast Desktop with beautiful effects such as Cube based Desktop rollover, Windows Minimize and Maximize, Crumble Window to pieces when I close it and many more effects active and still having a very fast Desktop. Hurray and Thanks to whosoever fixed this annoying issue. I had to rely on XRender previously to have a usable but slightly slow Desktop even though I use Core2Duo Intel machine.

Now the annoying part, lm_sensors is not working in Linux 2.6.31-14 Kernel due to some modifications in ACPI/lm_sensors code. There is an FAQ confirming this but no remedy as to what to do to make it work the “correct way” if anyone knows let me know.

And Now the unfixed/wont fixed part, Akonadi does not run on my machine since Jaunty and shows the Error window every time I start my Desktop


Error on Desktop Startup. Very Annoying.

Tried all the remedies available on the Web yet never fixed. Damn why can’t we have smooth releases that works for all. This error started since Jaunty and so if anyone knows the fix please let me know in the Comments to this blog post.

I have been using Kubuntu since Hoary Hedgehog(5.04) and have seen many ups and downs esp. the KDE 4 being forced down users throat in Kubuntu Intrepid release(Big Disaster). But for all and anyone wanting to move away from Windows and live a virus free, hacker free life esp. when surfing the Web, you must take serious look at Linux esp. (K)Ubuntu since it is exactly or even better than Windows in all respects and very powerful to use. Even someone’s grandma can use it. And guess what-It 100% Free!!

I have had long association with many Operating Systems right from Dos to Windows 3.1/95/97/98, NT, XP, Vista, Solaris, FreeBSD(my favourite all time OS), AIX and of course Linux(Redhat onwards) and am completely on Linux for all my needs everyday as Kubuntu is my Primary Operating System right now. So if I being a Software guy who does heavy coding, software design and working on varied software can use Linux I think the rest of the people who just use it for Chat or email etc definately shouldn’t have any problems.

Very happy to have this Cool OS and let me now enjoy it till the next release in April 2010!.

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