Finally I choose my Best Linux KDE Distribution!!

It is just 2 days with my new KDE only Linux distro and I am not sure if it is indeed ‘The Best KDE Based Linux Distro’ as I wanted but let me be positive as zealots claim it to be. So roll the drums coz I went in for –Chakra Arch Linux.

As mentioned in my “Quick Updates” (on right hand side column of the blog), I choose to go with Chakra/Arch Linux. I am happy to report that ALL of my Must Haves are fulfilled(to a large extent). Although I would have loved to go with sidux for it being based on Debian and thus supposedly much more stable/support/packages, but I just cannot stand the contradiction that it being a Rolling Release and thus bleeding edge and not supporting Latest KDE release. Feeling sad for its users not being able to enjoy KDE 4.4.1 as on this writing.  If comparatively smaller teams like Chakra/Arch/Kubuntu can do it, I see no reason a relatively larger team of Debian/sidux cannot. Left with no better alternative, I will have to learn new style of working so bye bye Debian.

Coming to my review of Chakra, well it is just 2 days now and all I can say is that new users must stay out of it. It is only today(after 2 days of hectic fix here and there) that I am able to use it close-to-but-not-the-same-as Kubuntu. Had lot of problems on install. I started with the released Chakra Alpha 4 yet I had broken grub(thus no chance to even see how your OS looks if you just can’t even boot it), broken fstab(none of my drives were auto-detected), non of my dual/triple boot OS either, No Network Iterface (eth0), No Internet. It is from such a state, I somehow got to a point where I have a fairly working system right now, close-to-kubuntu. It is years of experience on Linux that kept me going so new users must stay out of chakra/arch till we see a stable Final Release (in end of 2010…tooooo long as per my standards 🙂 ).

I still have not so polished gtk-qt engines wonder if anyone has any tips to make it as polished as Kubuntu showed GTK apps in KDE. Infact the default install of gtk-qt-engines is broken as it does not load the .gtkrc-2.0-kde by default when KDE starts. Thanks to my old backup, I could get that script and got those ugly looking GTK apps(firefox) to look like KDE ones though they are yet not as polished as they looked on Kubuntu Karmic.

Another point to note is that the zealots claim of “blazing fast” KDE on Arch was a hoax and ‘caveat emptor’ if you are looking at just it. It is slightly fast(in relative terms) but we can do that on Kubuntu as well. Definately from User friendlyness point of view, Kubuntu is years/miles ahead of Chakra. But Kubuntu sadly failed on my other “Must Haves” so all in all I am having a nice system now. More Adventure stories as I encounter them…Wish me Good luck.

3 Responses to “Finally I choose my Best Linux KDE Distribution!!”

  1. inhinnanutt Says:

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    don’t quit as well as keep creating as a result it simply just truly worth to look through it,
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  2. Yngve Says:

    How did you solve the no eth0 issue? Having the same problem with alpha5v4 now.. 😦

    • brahmalok Says:

      Don’t remember now more than what I have written in the post. From what I can recollect, I did the additions in the /etc/rc.conf as given in Arch Wiki Beginners guide but that did not work so I added the eth0 interface manually(I have static IP 192.168.X.X) and on next reboot started working fine.

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