Tum chahate kya ho?-The Art of Manifestation

Tum Chahate kya ho, jo chate ho, wohi sochna, wohi milenga. (What do you want?, think only that, you get what you think.) – Avadhoot Baba Shivanandji

This is plain and simple way of saying an otherwise (seemingly)complex topic of Manifestation. Siddhas all across of the world have been known to Manifest objects out of thin air or have made them to disappear as the case may be because of one important quality – Dharana Shakti(Power of Will/Intention/Focus).

Babaji often says in all his shivirs that “You are that light, you are the Divinity, you are the light, this is what you have forgotten. I have come here to remind you, that you are Infinite, you are Sat Chit Anand, you are the Highest level of Bliss, you are the Infinite power,you are the creator of your own Destiny.”.

Most of the people when they hear such a thing think “If I am the God, why am I suffering. Why can’t I also create what I want.”. Thinking more about it, each one of us, do manifestation all the time. But unfortunately we are slaves of our own inhibitions. What should be done what shouldn’t be. Our lives are very mechanical and are more guided by false dictums instead of practicality. Over the period of many lives, we have now created that Sanskar to follow the traditions of the society and thus others, rely on others to tell us what to do, which in turn gives rise to grief when someone says something bad about you. Many of us know the below situation:

Your acquiant meets you and says “Hey you know, that other person was saying something about you…” and

you say “Oh really!!(your heart and mind starts churning already at this point), Please tell me…”,

Acquaint:”He was…oh no let it be. Can’t say it…”

You:”Come on I am your old friend, you have my promise, please tell me what did that idiot/rascal/… tell about me. I will teach him/her a lesson, that day he/she was acting smart. He/She does not know me….you please tell me, then see I will teach him a lesson.”


Imagine in the above scenario if your acquiantace is lying or worst off, the other person in the story was talking about seeking forgiveness for any fight or maybe talking good things about you. Where will we place ourselves now after knowing the real truth?.

Introspect. How many times have you jumped to conclusion without knowing the full story. Reason is Impulse. We have been trained to reacting and they have become our Sanskars and now we are slaves of them. Sanskars beget Karmas and Karmas beget Sanskars. They have a very hideous and incestuous relationship. Point to note is that both of them are negative energies and thus both have to be avoided at any cost.

Thus to simplify these complex things in our lives, Babaji simply says to avoid thinking bad about anyone, just forgive, just give love-Unconditional Love that’s it. Never judge anyone-not even your enemy. Trust me friends, there is a very very deep message even in this one line. Try meditating on this line and you will get to know what it means.

I love this line from the Bible

Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven. – The Bible

How profound. Siddhas say simple one liners but have complete scriptures in that one line. But due to our Sanskars, we jump the guns and say “But Babaji, he is wrong, you don’t know what he did, that day he did….” and Siddhas smile as they are seeing your past and seeing what you did when he was a poor labourer and you a rich Jamindar or his powerful Neighbour and he a simple guy. Siddhas say, no one comes into your life without any relation.

I have often penned down my thought on Sanskars and Karmas in posts such as “Who is Karta” series or “Thoughts on Karma” series or put the sayings of Siddhas having profound meaning in “Siddhas say…” posts(use the Tags/Category features on the blog for quick access to all of these). Over a period of time, I have noticed that as I learn more about them and try to put them down, I figure more intricate details about it which is a world within itself-Infinite. I realise how much maturity it takes to be a Siddha to actually simplify these complex topics and how they put these seemingly complex topics in one liners.

I and my Father in heaven are One :John 10:30

So leaving aside the complex and intricate topic of Karmas for a while, I would like to draw your attention to how the World works and how it was manifested. Meditating deeply on “Tum chahate kya ho” and why purity is a critical requirement for Manifestation. I think rightly so and good it is so. Imagine if we all could manifest anything and everything just by our thoughts, at will, immediately then what a chaos it would have been. Someone hits your car and you seek his car blows up in fire and he dies a thousand deaths in it.What if that person was you?!?! So you struck someone’s car by mistake and he cursed you this. Would you like it? Sane is the Consciousness and sane are his ways. Thus Siddhas and Gurus always say, trust in God. Why? Because he knows exactly what you want and what you should actually be having at any given point of time.From a microbe to the whole universe is his responsibility and he knows it well.He is everyone’s friend but he is more friendlier to none.That He is YOU!. The problem with us is that we “think” we are this body-a person who is rich or poor or sufferer or …. thus we create and thus we suffer.

You identify yourself with your actions forgetting your true nature, that is why you are suffering. – Swami Rama.

So now that we have the facts with us, lets us see how things manifest and how to go about it. The World outside has been manifest by ‘The One’ out of his own. The Universe works like a Hotel, you go in, you take a look at the Menu, try to gauge by various parameters(how much money you have, hunger meter etc) and order something, you might have to wait for it maybe a little longer than you expect and when the food comes, you might like the food or might curse your day is Bad-bad wife/husband, Bad Boss, that accident that took place when coming here and now this ugly food. God why me.

Trust me this is the typical scenario that happens with us everyday. That is a different thing that we are not conscious about it. Albeit if you are then you can enjoy this Hotel just the way you want. It is built to serve you.

Most people don’t know how to Order for the food they want. You ask your friends for what they will be having and try to adjust with them forgetting that it is you who is going to eat and digest and not your friends. Most people act like complete idiots when they enter this Hotel Universe. They don’t know what exactly they want and thus suffer.(This is often stressed by Babaji to make sure you know and write down what you want. Make a Golden book). They talk in signals to the waiters of Hotel Universe, talk what they don’t want, make uh-amm sounds thus leaving hungry and frustrated and then blame the inability of the Hotel to deliver anything. Bad Management, Bad and illiterate waiters, bad food, improper surrounding/ambience…everything but themselves. This is contrary to those people who know the way around well, know exactly what they want and get it all in this life itself.

‘Sirf Dusve ko dekhna, nau ko nahi’ – Avadhoot Baba Shivanand in Rishikesh Prati Prasav Shivir Nov 2009.

Being in Shivyog for quite sometime now and talking to a lot of Sadhaks when I meet them, doing a lot of Healing as well, I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people asking for “I want lot of money” or “I want to pass the exams” or “I want a good job or life partner” and on and on. This is plain stupidity to even set such goals in life. Tell me if someone asks you to give him lots of money assuming you had Infinite wealth at your disposal and Infinite pure heart to give the money what will be your next question. Surely on the lines of “Sure, how much should I give you?hmmm you are from which country so that I can give you in your currency to be of any use….Hmmm did you mention money?…”. Imagine god who has no idea about Money and its value how confused he must be when you go to his temple, lit an agarbatti or a lamp and then in a filmi style look at him in anger say “Tumme mujko diya hi kya hai :)” and start complaining. We all act as if the Universe owes us something and not giving it to us and thus we go about complaining. The fact is you are that God, you create your own destiny all by your mere thoughts.

So these complaints are a waste of time and you will manifest nothing except despair.Setting such goals is like entering the Hotel and saying “I want food.I am hungry. Do you sell food.”. What else do you think sells in Hotels/restaurants if not food?

Knowing what kind of a customer is at hand, the Hotel politely will ignore you and your request besides you will either go hungry or have to eat what you don’t want and pay for it too.

The Point I am trying to make is “Be Specific”.I want food is very abstract, whereas I want 1 Mac Donalds Veg. Burger with Cheese and 1 Medium size coke is the correct way to order.

In wanting something people forget the Protocol or how to go about doing it.I am damn sure each one of us has undergone this in Hotel Universe. We are too abstract in Demand and too specific when it comes to complaining and often concentrate on what we did not get. Thus whatever you ask for even if it is via Sanjeevani, does not manifest since you were not specific.

The Universe is a Master in Manifestation if only you can tell it what to create. If you are not specific to the point and don’t only order what you want and talk about what you don’t want, you will go Hungry no matter who you are and where you live. I thank god there is no reservation system unlike Indian Politics. We all are equal in his eyes. Talk to him and tell him “I want ….” be specific. Don’t be afraid or shy. He will give you what you want only if you can tell him exactly what you want. I want Money or a good life partner is abstract. What do you mean by a good life partner. Good Height?, Good Education? Money?, having a good job? If you cannot figure out how could he?(Woh to Bhola Bhandari hai). It is you who is ordering for him/herself not him. And even if he makes a guess on your behalf, we crib it was not what you asked for so why not be specific to the last Z.

After sometime it gives up as it has now known you to be a cribbing, unreasonable customer and goes onto other customers who can order better. You were hungry before, now you are further frustrated.

Ok, so now I believe we have understood the System and also our fallacies in ordering so let us learn the correct way.

When you set your wishes/goals/desires in Golden Book or elsewhere, do it as if you are placing an Order. Don’t say things like “I know you are a great God, I had asked for my daughter wedding and you gave it, all went well and…” you lost him. Just do it the way you place an Order in a Hotel or a restaurant. For instance if you want a car, say “I want a car of this company, model name, colour and this xyz freebies put in”. Like I mentioned don’t be timid or afraid as to what God will think. He has many other things to worry about except what and why you have asked for this or that and what will you do of it etc. He never judges anyone and thus he is not judged. He just delivers.

No hurry. Take your time to make up the Order. Look at the Menu. Take your own sweet time to decide but once you have done so, Just Order it. Sit back and enjoy the ambience and the people around and expect to get exactly what you ordered incl. The toppings. Sometimes due to out of stock, it might be slightly different or delayed but that’s ok, you can do a reorder next time. Don’t crib.

Be specific in asking for what you want. Don’t ask for more money. If you want 50 lakhs cash, then order 50 lakhs cash. Don’t ask for it. Order it. Don’t ask for a good life partner, order for long/short hair, fair,MBA girl/boy, vegetarian, of <xyz caste>. Don’t beg. Order it. Be loud and Clear that the waiter gets it. And once you have ordered, don’t start doubting that “Will he get me as I wanted? I hope this hotel is not like that last one…oh man how horrible it was. These people look new, they never listen to me, these people will be no better, just wait and see, even this time what I ordered is going to be a mess.”. Be Cool, be confident, be loud and clear and most important be specific. Don’t keep changing your mind. Once you know how things work, you can always order more again.

The Universal Hotel is a robust system and can handle all types of people. But you get what and how you order. Want something right now. Close your eyes, Visualize you have got it. Touch it. Smell it. Feel it.Taste it.(Use your 5 senses here). Is this what you want? No. Sure change it. Now again feel it. Yes Perfect what you want. Good now write that down. Do this till you are sure you have everything as per what you want. Now start your meditation and when you are deep in it, feeling very peaceful, fully connected to the Source(Shiva, Infinite), start the Order process the way you do in a grocery shop or a Hotel- reading out items one by one with all attributes like shape, size, weight, Hard crust or extra cheese etc. Don’t beg or go off topic or try to praise anyone or blame either. Just order with full feeling that you have got it and are grateful and happy. Visualization is the key here.

You create Thoughts and your Thoughts create you – Avadhoot Baba Shivanandji

If all goes well. You will be surprised how quick and efficient this restaurant is in serving its customers. Most importantly, never doubt about the order you placed or the process. It is like sending out opposite energy and it will cancel your order just like what happens in a real Hotel when two or more friends argue to the waiter “Get me this, another one says no yaar this one, no that one…”. Imagining the plight of the waiter? You guessed it right-Nothing will be served. The reason is you cancelled the Order. I told you, this Hotel is very smart to handle all kinds of people and has an excellent signalling system – Idiot Proof.

Shivyog Sadhaks have an edge as they can easily pray to Maa Sanjeevani to manifest what they want when they are in deep Sadhana. Do it everyday till you get what your had ordered. If garlic breads were left out ask for it. The Hotel will be obliged to give it if they forgot. Maybe they may add an extra ice-cream to say Sorry we missed out on this one.

My Guru always says, if you want anything in life, don’t ask from people. Don’t think about robbing this fellow or that fellow. There is Infinite resources for each one of us. If ever you want anything in life, ask the Universe and you shall have it.

Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. – Matthew 7:7

49 Responses to “Tum chahate kya ho?-The Art of Manifestation”

  1. Ashish Mishra Says:


    Ever since I have been initiated into Shivyog by Babaji, I hve been following your blog. I have found answers to many questions right here as if they were written for me. So thank you so much, you have been very helpful in my sadhana. God bless, Namah Shivay!!


  2. meena Says:

    I am thankful to God shiva and to you . Lots of questions have been answered . I would want to know a little more
    for the well being of my children. May I have an e-mail ID because
    I do not want to have my words be published.
    Namah shivay

  3. Rajan Kashyap Says:

    Thanks so much for this article.. I did my Siddha Dhyan course at Mumbai shivir and been doing Sadhana as guided by Babaji. Your article cleared most of my doubts, one that still keep me confused is this: I sit for meditation at fixed time twice a day. When I am deep in Dhayna, should I repeat the wishlist everytime? Somehow I feel by doing so I will be bothering the ‘waiter’ who already got my ‘order’… please help.


    • brahmalok Says:

      Hi Rajan,
      There are couple of points u missed out on. Read the post again and again. Each time you will realise more. (Hints: Be loud and clear, make sure it is registered with the waiter, Dharna Shakti).
      Ponder this, the Universal Restaurant is a very busy one and over the period of countless lives, we have lost our original vibrations by associating ourselves with one thing or the other thereby gaining its vibrations. So when u make the order, the process has started base on your level of consciousness and as you gain more higher vibrations, the order process will hasten.But how will you keep yourself away from thinking opp. of what you want?Correct. By doing Sadhana and thinking about your order 🙂
      This process is akin to the fact that when you visit the same hotel many times, you get acustomed to the ambience, style of working, mgmt, waiters even chef and so you might get some priority. This is what the Siddhas have that I had mentioned as Dharana Shakti. Till then you are an ordinary customer and have to keep reminding the Universal waiter “Is my food ready…this type..” 🙂 Hope you got it.

      Namah Shivay.

      • Rajan Kashyap Says:

        Thanks so much for the clarification, I got it now!! 🙂

        I should be loud and clear and should not hesitate to ask repeatedly, do we ever hesitate to ask for food to our mothers so why feel shy to Maa Sanjivani?!

        Also, I have noticed that since I am new sadhak and my consciousness level is nowhere in comparison to Siddhas so the process is slow, however after I have placed ‘order’ I can see the materialization process started all around me, like getting bigger work from existing client, getting new clients which will eventually result in the amount I placed ‘order’ for.. it is silly to expect bag of cash delivered to your doorstep, this is how materialization happens, we all should be able to see its signs if we look carefully.

        Thanks so much for your help. Please keep sharing, it is great to learn from a senior sadhak like you.

        Namah Shivay!!

        • brahmalok Says:

          Besides this, I have mentioned in the post that it does not happen that we just think and it happens and I went into an example of how if someone hits you/your vehicle and if you curse him/her and if it could manifest immediately then what would happen and vice-versa. This happen since we don’t have that purity and so we must always strive to get that Purity but try to learn to manifest and think Positively first. This post goes into good detail of how to go about. Thus we need constant meditation and thinking about our “order” so that it gets more energy and manifests eventually.
          Good we can’t manifest just by thinking and without needing purity or else the world would have been….
          This is nothing new I am saying as Babaji tells this all the time in his shivirs so listen to Babaji carefully. everytime you do so, you will realize new truths from his sayings.

          Namah Shivay.

          • Rajan Says:

            Thanks again for taking time to guide me further.

            I believe in the inherent purity within all of us and dream of a world where everyone is pure, able to manifest at will and not trying to steal from other.

            Namah Shiavay!!

  4. abhishek singh Says:

    namah shivay!
    i loved the beautifully elucidated “hotel” analogy to explain the key points of baba’s teachings.
    thank you.

  5. meena Says:

    I tried many times but could not join your group for shivyog healing. I think i m making some mistake.Is there any way out? I have an e-mail account with yahoo.
    help me pls.
    namah shivay

  6. ram mitr Says:

    Namah Shivay,

    i just stumble upon this webpage and i feel as though its Babaji himself speaking through it… Very good analogies given and interestingly written.

    I have a question that i always want to ask but somehow could not. if there is a silver lining (like the umbilical cord) that always attaches a mother to its child, what about the link between a mother and a child she loves and care for though not born through her, like Yashoda maa and Lord Krishna.

    • brahmalok Says:

      Firstly thank you for the kind words. Secondly indeed Babaji is speaking to all the people who visit this site thru me 🙂 So you are right he does guide us all.
      Coming to your question, I am not the right person to answer this but I think all are Karmically connected and Umbilical cord as you know is for fetus feeding purpose. Yes there is a Silver cord invisible to the naked eyes connecting to our mothers but pls note that there are cords connecting you to every other person/animal/being you have karmic connection with.
      Our task is to keep these cords clean and eventually break/dissolve them by our Sadhana Shakti.
      So understand that all come to you or you go to them only becoz of Karmic connections. They apply to all and one.

      Namah Shivay.

  7. ram mitr Says:

    Namah Shivay,

    thank you so much for your unconditional love and such a quick response.
    I really like the part ‘Our task is to keep these cords clean and eventually dissolve them’ by our unconditional love. The statement put in such a unique perspective made a great impact. Its so true that a Sidha’s single phrase statement has the effect of dissolving and resolving all queries.
    A heartful gratitude to Babaji & Guruma for being amidst us anytime and all the time.

  8. Jayaram Says:

    !! Om Namah Shivay !! OM Guravye NAmaHA!!

    I am glad to read all your blogs and it is make clear for all the sadhaks who are doing some mistake in Shivyog Sadhana.

    I was manifest for some of my friend for job. thats wrong!

    Can you please explain the Shri Vidya Sadhan procedure. SO that we all Shivyoug Sadhak will do the right things to achive the goal.

    I am chanting Bala Sadhana and Sri Vidya Sadhan mantra in same time .

    Please guide !!

    Nama Shivay

  9. Jagdesh Says:

    I am a seeker & not initiated yet but Babaji graced me by sending me the Nachiketa Ahgni Dhyan which he wanted me to do till I make it to the shivir for Diksha. In relation to my situation how do I help my financial situation which has been my challenge.

    • brahmalok Says:

      Actually there are different answers to your question depending on what and to what extent you want to grow-spiritually, materialistically etc. Let me try to answer them to my best. Lets say you are seeking overall development i.e like Babaji says live life 200%, 100% Spiritual, 100% Material. So firstly you must surrender to a Guru who is a Sadguru like Babaji. This is just in case you cannot come to Babaji any Sadguru is fine. Let me reveal something. It is never you who finds a Guru but it is the Guru that find you. All you need is to surrender to the inner Guru first who will manifest according to your situation, level of consciousness in the external world. So you have to start this way.
      Secondly, like the article mentions, be Pure, Nachiketa Dyan is an excellent way to dissolve your Karmas + mental inhibitions and if you do it regularly, Manifestations will happen before you even think about what you want. This is definate so keep doing it, pray to Babaji in your heart to be your Guru and you will see him in his shivirs very soon.
      Reg. “Financial Problem”, re-read the Title of this post. “Tum chahate kya ho?” do you want Financial “problem” or solution? If solution then “wohi sochna”. Create what you want, how you want money to come in, the kind of stability. Create it mentally in mediation. Just like Guru is developed first by internal surrender and Bhav, then in the external world, so are your solutions. You have, out of ignorance created a problem. Don’t worry, the Universal Hotel is at your service. Now create what you would really like to eat.

      Namah Shivay.

  10. Jagdesh Says:

    I must say that your words are as if spoken by Babaji. I really feel those words & will be reading as many from you as it really teaches me.Om Namay Shivay

  11. mila Says:

    Namashivaya ,
    i have a fantastic life in so many ways but my eldest son has very poor health .He has developped psoriasis since 5 years now .After the shivir I sat him down and gave him Sanjeevani and within a week there was a total outburst …i believed it was a cleansing but 3 months later its not regressing despite medication .Has babaji ever spoken about any treatment 4 this skin ailment .i continue giving healing and can only wait until my order comes in …thanks for your fantastic blog by the way .

    • brahmalok Says:

      Indeed he has 🙂 Just putting it briefly here, one person was coming 2 babaji and once he stopped coming(something on similar lines babaji narrates) then one fine day his brother came to babaji when babaji asked about his brother’s whereabouts when he tells babaji that he is suffering from psoriasis(auto immune disease) and how he is counting his last days etc…babaji insists he come to ashram in Satsangs, to cut long story short, he comes, sits for 3-4 days and got all well now playing badminton/tennis with his children. I think this was in Delhi or Vadodra or some such shivir….I will suggest you to continuesly heal his Pranmay kosh(esp. muladhar chakra) for healing and send Shambhavi to his Gyanmay kosh to that karma due to which he is suffering. Results might take time based on various parameters but will be sure.
      Also many Shivyog Sadhaks do healing on shivyog_healing groups (read more https://brahmalok.wordpress.com/2009/10/11/want-shivyog-healing/ )where you can request healing for him and we Sadhaks will be happy to pray for his healing as well.

      Namah Shivay.

  12. Neha Says:

    Namah Shivay…
    I never attended Babaji’s shivir…due to my job but been following him since many months…two days before i was doing sky meditation ….and i felt that my kundalini awakened…i felt extremely tired after this….at the time of meditation it was extreme pleasure becuz of kriyas….the golden light etc….

    My question is i had extreme tiredness for two days….so should i continue doing this….as I am a regular practitioner of yoganidra, antarmaun etc….

    Please guide.


    • brahmalok Says:

      This could be releasing of -ve energies and it is seen to lead to various effects from feeling tiredness or giddyness to loose stools etc. Be happy as it means release of unwanted energies, emotions. Continue doing and try to attend Babaji’s shivir asap. Don’t wait for him to come to your town travel if possible.

      Namah Shivay.

  13. Neha Says:

    Dear sir,
    namah shivaya…
    thanks a lot…for your guidance….I already have my guru Swami Niranjananda from Bihar School of Yoga….whenever i start meditation i request him and babaji to protect me and guide me though out the meditation….


  14. Cassy Says:

    Baba Shivanand Is Just GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS SUCH A BIG BLESSING TO HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank U BABAJI, For Ur GREAT TEACHINGS.
    Indeed we do have the power to manifest what we want ,as long as we ask for it CLEARLY and Focus on what we want only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. veena Says:

    Namah Shivay!

    Thanks for this “creative” and knowledge sharing blog…i think u shld write more often :)…its a pleasure reading ur blog. Babaji has had a profound influence on my life..blogs like urs help me keep in touch with his teachings.

    I am having a little trouble writing the golden book.. i want divine mother’s blessings,protection,guidance all the time…..
    so i make an entry in the golden book…” i have the protection of divine mother,i have the blessings of divine mother,i have the guidance of divine mother”..
    please correct me if i am wrong…

    Thanks again for all the effort in maintaining the blog and patiently answering queries….and also for being so kind to share the knowledge u get from babaji’s shivir….

    Namah shivay!!! God Bless You!

    • brahmalok Says:

      Thanks for your appreciation. I will definitely try to keep it more updated. Coming to your query, you can condense it as “I have the blessings, protection and guidance from the Divine Mother, Shiv-Shiva and the Holy Siddhas all the time”.

      Namah Shivay.

    • brahmalok Says:

      Thanks for your appreciation. I will definitely try to keep it more updated. Coming to your query, you can condense it as “I have the blessings, protection and guidance from the Divine Mother, Shiv-Shiva and the Holy Siddhas all the time”.

      Namah Shivay.

  16. veena Says:

    Gracias( thnks in spanish) 🙂

    May God continue to bless u with more knowledge,divine experiences,creativity and above all the willingness and kindness to share it with us 🙂
    Namah shivay!

  17. veena Says:

    Namah Shivay!

    I need ur help in understanding how golden book works…when i first attended the bangalore shivir in aug-2010, babaji asked us to write all that we desire in golden book and read thru it before u go to sleep and in the mng when u wake up and visualize it in turiya avastha during sadhana….I then attended the Chennai shivir-apr-2011, where babaji told us to write in the golden book everyday all that we want to materialize and suppose something gets materialized just write thank u on top of tht page..my question is since the golden book keeps getting energized by shri chakra wont the old enteries (the ones which have already materialized) still have a chance to get materialized again?

    Thanks in advance ..
    Namah shivay!!

    • brahmalok Says:

      As Babaji says sab kuch tera bhav re. Also if something that you want(say wealth, good job etc) gets materializes what is the harm 🙂 Please use bhav to write golden book and don’t use logic mind to evaluate things.

      Namah Shivay.

  18. Neelam Jain. Says:

    Namah Shivay Sir,

    I am really thankful to you, reading your replies seems babaji speaking. Thank u sir, Would like to tell you one thing i have never attended the shivir of babaji yet, but i daily see the tv prograame of babaji & i must tell you it has bring great changes in my life.somehow i want to do little more wnat to how should i raise the level of conciousness of mine so as to get purer & i also want to know can you help me how should i start my sadhna which will help in materialize things. as i am very new to it. i do pooja daily. but would like to know more from you. will you help me in this plss.
    Thank You…for all your teachings.
    Namah Shivay….


    • brahmalok Says:

      Only a Guru can guide you and lead to raising of consciousness. Thus, I can recommend you to get diksha from Babaji from any shivir possible even if it means travelling to next state. As Year 2012 approaches, it is imperative for each one of us to raise our conscious from the mere ordinary ones we live in so get diksha from babaji and the rest you want will happen automatically.

      Namah Shivay

  19. Neelam Jain. Says:

    Thank U,
    I will try my level best to get in shivirs of babaji..

    Namah Shivay….

  20. Neelam Jain. Says:

    Namah Shivay,

    I would like to take your help is since the time i am not able to attend the shivir of babaji can you help me what should i do to follow him, how do i do shivyog..


    Namah Shivay

    • brahmalok Says:

      Pray to Babaji earnestly to call you.Babaji along with Ishanji is on a marathon run to uplift as many people as possible to do Shivyog. Try to attend a shivir closest to you even if it means in next city/state. People come from abroad to attend shivir. Where there is a will, Babaji will create the way.

      Namah Shivay

  21. Shikha Malotra Says:

    Namah Shivaye!

    I read your blogs yesterday…and to some extent I got my answers but till now I have not yet attended any of the shivirs but I try to watch Babaji’s programe regularly.I have one question about writing the Golden Book…What kind of words should be used while writing in the Golden Book…Can I use the word “Want” or should i write “I Have,I am” as I am bit confused how should I start….One thing I would like to ask can I mention the place where I am Living as I want to live there itself and fulfill my desires in terms of my financial,personal and professional goals…One more thing I would like to know as for example I have mentioned a certain amount of money which i desire it would take its own course of time can i mention any time line if i require that money in a week or so….Please guide

    Namah Shivaye!

    • brahmalok Says:

      Always write in Present tense and visualize you have already got it, feel the joy of having it RIGHT NOW!! Yes all the stuff related to place of stay, financial status etc can be written in GB. Only thing is to write it in present tense. Visualization + Bhav is the key. Please try to get initiated in SY asap so as to materialize early. Stay blessed.

      Namah Shivay

      • Shikha Malotra Says:

        Namah Shivaye!

        Thanks to Babaji and you who has cleared my confusion but still i want to know one thing If i want xyz amount in 7 days can i mention the time of 7 days.Plz guide

        Namah Shivaye!

  22. Shikha Malotra Says:

    Namah Shivaye!

    As i have not yet attended any of the shivirs…so I dont know how exactly is the sadhna done as the deeksha and shakipath is done in the shivirs…I do meditation as per my knowledge but I realy want to go one step ahead and do the meditation guided by Babaji…Can I chant mahamrityunjay Mantra while meditating so that I am relieved to some extent and ask a way out from Babaji to help me…Lots and lot of love and grattitude to Babaji & Guru Maa…

    I would request if you can mail me your contact number because there some things which cannot be disclosed publicly but there solutions are required to be pulled out asap.

    Namah Shivaye!!

    • brahmalok Says:

      You can definately listen to the audio on this blog. Please pray to Babaji to earnestly show you the way to Spiritual upliftment. Sorry I don’t give out my contact info. but you can always write to me stating Privacy, and I can assure it won’t be release to General Public.

      Namah Shivay

  23. neha sonwalkar Says:

    Namah Shivaya, I was wondering why do I start crying while chanting or meditation…its like i m full of happiness….why does this happens???Can you answer????

  24. Sanjeev Says:

    Hello Sir…
    I heard about Golden Book in one of the videos Of Avdhoot Baba Shivanandji in youtube…do we have to also send the energy of love and compassion to that book?? Iam not a shivayogi but Iam a pranic healer. And we also work with energies. So am I qualified to do this??? PLease help me Sir… thanks in advance

  25. Paramjyothi. Ratnam Says:

    Aum Nama Shivaya,
    If i have cimpleted one Golden Book. and i find that i have not written to my satisfaction , can i burn the whole Book with appologies to Babaji. and start a new one. Kindly advice me on this. I am only now begining to understand truly How to write the Golden Book . Aum Nama Shiva.
    How do i know that you have replied me. can you rep;y to my email then i know that i have got it for certain. I got into this web side accidently. Aum Nama Shivaya.

    • brahmalok Says:

      If you feel you have not written to your Satisfaction then what is stopping you to add more to it and make it the way you want it? Please don’t burn Golden Book but preserve it as it is your Horoscope. You can always write a new one once you have completed 1 book. Please have not doubts but focus on what you want and how you want it.

      Namah Shivay

  26. deepak kumar bhagat Says:

    namaha shivay baba jee main koi comment nahi leekhta bas mujhe dikhshha dijiye aor apne saran mein jagah dijiye
    namah shivay

  27. santosh kumari lamba Says:

    namah shivay babaji thanks ……hamne jo chaha wo mila …….or aap apni kripa ham par aise hi banaye rakhiye ……..love you alot baba ji thanks namah shivay

  28. Gaurisha Says:

    Beautiful post. Felt connected to each and everything you mentioned here. Loved it.

  29. dk Says:

    though the post is written by the person of higher consciousness and at certain level. Understanding in correct sense will be only once reaches to near by conscious level , then only we will get clear and correct meaning.

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