Recipe for Sanjeevani Churan

For detoxification divya sanjeevani churna is used. The following is the method to prepare it. You need:

100 grams dried tulsi ( shama preferred)
100 grams of bilva patra dried
100 grams pudina dried
100 grams haldi ( home made , not ready made)
100 grams of Arjun chal ( bark of arjun tree)
100 grams of dried Amla
100 gm neem leaves (dry)

Powder all of them and take two heaped teaspoons with say 50ml of water first thing in the morning and last thing in the night before retiring. This will completely cleanse and detoxify the body and all the nadis.

26 Responses to “Recipe for Sanjeevani Churan”

  1. anjana Says:

    sanjeevani churan is amazing babaji thanku so very much.

  2. asha kapoor Says:

    Where can I get the ingredients for the sanjeevni churan? I live in malaysia and cant get all the ingredients. Please advise.

    • brahmalok Says:

      Most of it must be available in local store/indian herbs shops. No idea abt particular shops in Malaysia, pls search google abt it.

      Namah Shivay.

    • Pamela Says:

      Hi Asha,

      You do get all these ingridients in Malaysia, which part of Malaysia do you live?
      Neem tree’s are every where in Malaysia. For the tulsi if you can get enough in your garden then you can buy them in the indian flower shop and for tumeric you can get them in the indian groccer and the other ingridients too, just have to know the tamil name to all those plants. if you need help do email me!!!!
      best wishes

      • asha kapoor Says:

        Thanks pamela,

        I have tulsi in my garden, i can get tumeric, haldi , pudina and neem. Not the othe others. What is shama tulsi? I have the light green one.

        What are the others? please give me their tamil nemas if you can. Thanks a lot
        om namaho shiva

    • jaipal desai Says:

      Ashaji, Namah Shivay, You can get sanjeevni churna ingredients from Hakeem chichi pharmcy, Ranitalao, surat.

  3. sharad Says:

    namah shivay,
    i have the habit of taking 3 glasses of water every morning, my question is : should i take the sanjeevani choorna before having the water ? but in that case i’ll end up diluting the sanjeevani choorna just taken…..please suggest.
    thanks in advance ,
    namah shivaya

  4. Shivyog.sadhak Says:

    Since i have started taking the sanjeevani churna my cold and cough has not occured. otherwise i would had to suffer it every month. Thanks to Babaji for this great remedy

  5. Pamela Says:

    hi Asha my email is
    please do write a heading such as Sanjeevani Churna otherwise I wont know who u are!!!!

  6. sandeep grewal Says:

    Sanjeevani churna Will be more effective if y r taking with little warm water

  7. vidya Gopal Iyer Says:

    Good churan. it is effective with water only. I make small balls and took it like tablets so that i do not get the taste of it. A great idea of taking this medicine

  8. DK SHAH Says:

    For Sanjeevani Churan – Can we use the ready powder of the quantity mentioned – as we may find the leaves in U.A.E

  9. DK SHAH Says:

    What is the best way to clean ALL THE CHAKRAS

  10. BADRA Says:

    thanks for the recipe

  11. DK Says:


    • asha kapoor Says:

      Can someone please tell what is the bark of the arjun tree? What other name is it called? Is it dalchini/ cinnamon?

  12. Rajneesh Says:

    No dear it is not dalchini or cinnamon . Arjun is the name of tree.

    • badra Says:

      namah shivaya .where can i get some of the ingredients for sanjeevni churan or can i buy powder made already thanks

  13. Gour Chandra Das Says:

    I, Gour Chandra Das from Hyderabad. I am taking churan everyday, even though i am suffer from cold, and thort problem. plz. give the correct suggestion for taking churan. I am taking 2 spoon with 1 cup water in every night.

  14. shobha Says:

    I have been having this choorna for the past 6 months.Now i plan to add amrithaballi powder,and brahmi powder to it. Is it ok?

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