In Conversation with Babaji

Namah Shivay,

From the Master has posted an excellent 6 part Videos of Babaji explaining various aspects about Shivyog Sadhanas like Sri Vidya, Durga Shaptashati, Healing, dos and donts for a Shivyogi. Some of the questions which Babaji has lovingly answered are as follows:

  • Should Durga Saptashati should be done with aggression.
  • Guidelines for a Shree Vidhya sadhak
  • How one creates same vibes of shivirs in daily life.
  • What if one goes into “deep sleep” during sadhana.
  • Can Durga Saptashati be heard on an ipod while travelling.
  • Can Durga Saptashati Sadhana be done in groups.
  • Can Durga Saptashati be recited with uninitiated family members.
  • Why Babaji prohibits doing Advait Shree Vidhya sadhana in groups.
  • Whether initiation (deeksha) is required for Durga Saptashati Sadhana.
  • Every shivir sadhana is different. Which one to be followed?
  • Can one who wandered off the path get back on track?
  • Babaji’s view about the web communications with sadhaks.
  • About sadhana at divine places and Jeeva Samadhis.
  • Any other sadhana other than Advait Shree Vidhya?
  • Can Durga Saptashati be recited in areas of negativity.
  • What happens in the places where Durga Saptashati is recited.
  • Why Durga Saptashati/Shree Vidhya sadhana were kept in secret.
  • In case of mispronounciation during recitation of Durga Saptashati.
  • On people from India and abroad practicing Advait Shree Vidhya.
  • How the sadhana of Advait Shree Vidhya helps one in life.

The Videos as follows:

A Must listen for every Shivyog Sadhak(actually for everyone also) as Babaji delves into many topics and explains the significance of every aspect of his teachings. Rejoice!!

Namah Shivay

7 Responses to “In Conversation with Babaji”

  1. Rita Naik Says:

    Namah Shivaya,
    Thank you very much for sharing these valuable videos! Navratri is round the corner and I am so great ful to you for sharing with me!

  2. Shailaja Says:

    Namah shivaya, Thanks a lot

  3. UKN Says:

    || Namah Shivay || brahmaloka

    I was wishing to share Shiv Mahapuran – Somnath Retreat (DVD encoded to MP3) on Brahmaloka. It was given by Baba as Prashad to seva team in Mumbai few years back. It was planned to be made available/shared at 04:00 AM UTC/GMT +4 hours (coming day). It will be posted on this page as soon as it becomes ready. Informed earlier if you like to post tomorrow only, since it’s Monday tomorrow. Reply below if any question.


    Happy 2012!

  4. Sanjiv Bajaj Says:

    Great!! Namah Shivay!!! Babaji u are awlays with us to Bless!!!

  5. bunty Says:

    thanks for this useful page a links to download……………………….no words to thank you………………….hari om……………..namay shivaye………………

  6. Reeta Says:

    Do you have these videos in English ?
    I do not understand Hindi . I have taken deeksha from babaji .

    • brahmalok Says:

      For Shivir’s conducted by Babaji in English, they are there, else in Hindi. You shud be able to find many on youtube.

      Namah Shivay

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