Babaji on Astha Channel for 1 whole week

Babaji will be on Astha Channel from 30th January to 3th Feb between 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM. Please inform your family & friends.

Namah Shivay!

Do more Sadhana for Sri Vidya Level 3

Following is the message posted by Ishan bhaiya on FB

Namah Shivay,

If the assessment of Shree Vidya 2 sadhaks were to be done on this day, only a fraction is eligible to do Shree Vidya 3. The purity and dedication required to ascend needs to come and fast at that. Baba ji will appraise the aura of all during Shree Vidya 2 orientations and help expand it. Only those exhibiting the will and desire, backed with tenacity and regularity in sadhna will be invited for Shree Vidya 3 which is set to be taken starting later half of this year. Before that the orientations will start around Mid year. The orientation e-forms have not been ratified owing to the breakneck speed at which Baba ji is conducting shivirs. Till then to become eligible for higher sadhnas continue the meditations at regular timings. Also Unconditional love to all. Accepting others the way they are. And letting go of hatred towards anyone. Utilize this birth to the hilt. The combo of this divine period and you as a human aint coming back anytime soon.


Siddhas say…

A Spiritual Person is one who does not carry the load of Psychic Impressions. – Avadhoot Baba Shivanand

New Year message to all from Ishan Shivanandji on behalf of Babaji


With love  

The whole universe is made up of energy. Science says that everything can be broken down to the smallest unit of matter which is an atom or the sub atomic particles to be precise. You and I, we are the same; well at least quantitatively.

The infinite energy of the universe

But then the question that if everything is energy, What gives form to that energy? Who decides that this should be gold, or that should become, a mountain? Scientists say that at the dawn of time i.e. when Earth was being formed, the volcanoes and earthquake rocking the surface, the incipience of life was a freak accident, a remarkable coincidence, when certain materials, at a certain specific time combined, life was formed. Then evolution took over and now just beings and incidents are leading to other transformations. Hence the continuity.

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