Shivyog Sarp Kriya Videos

File 4 can now be downloaded from the same location!!

Finally here’s the Sarp Kriya Video which was recorded by Babaji long time ago.

Chin Mudra

Sarp Kriya is a very ancient method of rejuvenating the body, mind and soul by following very simple exercises. Doing so increases the longetivity of a person. The Indian Siddhars have practiced this kriya for thousands of years and no wonder we have Siddhas whose age is like 200, 500, etc years living even today.

Just to give a brief, Shivyog kriyas are simple exercises the Siddhas and Yogis developed scientifically to improve the quality of Mind, Body and Soul as they needed to live in harsh conditions often without food, water and even proper air. So they created 84 Kriyas based on observation of animals and nature who demonstrated certain properties. Thus we have Kurma(Tortoise) kriya which can complete rejuvenate your endocrine system, Simha Kriya, Surya Bhedi, Goda(Horse) Kriya, Manduk(Frog), Sarp Kriya etc.

Guru Vandana

Shivyog Kriyas are Kriyas to completely heal the Body which are divided into 3 parts:

1. Stula Sharir(Physical Body)

2. Prana Sharir(Vital Body)

3. Sukshma Sharir (Astral Body)

The Sarp Kriya Videos are based on the first categories. For complete list of other exercises, please see blog post Shivyog Kriyas and Pranayams.

Exercise to clean the stomach and improve digestion

Coming to Sarp Kriya, you must have seen almost all animals ageing but Snake never ages. Why? Because snake always keeps rotating its Spinal Cord and maintains its flexibility. Siddhas observed why snakes never age and created this Sarp Kriya, practicing which the sadhak can completely remove all toxins and disease from his/her body. 17 variations of Sarp Kriya are demonstrated.

Main Exercise

Jab Ishaan bhaiya (thode se)chote the πŸ™‚

In these videos Baba also demonstrates, amidst beautiful locale, Deep Yogic Breathing exercises(very powerful and easy I must say), How to keep stomach and bowels clean, Sarp Kriya, Kurma Kriya, etc.

Demonstrating other Exercises

Link to Videos.

Please download the individual files and join them with HJSplit.

Tip: Linux users can simply download the files and do a ‘cat avseq01* > avseq01(’ to get the videos in one file or use the HJSplit if they want to.

Namah Shivay.

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    Oops sorted out. Thanks for the headsup. Try now.

  3. Gaurav Mathur Says:

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  4. Rajesh Sharma Says:

    I am not able to download file no 4. seems to be a broken link.

    • brahmalok Says:

      Many people have already completed downloading all the files so must be temp. problem with mediafire. Pls try again after sometime.

  5. Rahul Says:

    Hi Gaurav,

    I am not able to download file no 4 , tried multiple times, can u re-upload the file


    • brahmalok Says:

      No issues. I will reupload the file(give me a day or two). Mediafire is acting funny. Pls do let me know if you are unable to download any other files and I will willingly reupload them as well.

      Namah Shivay.

  6. Virendra Ved Says:

    I am not able to download file no 4. seems to be a broken link.

  7. suresh gilda Says:

    In Shivyog Sarp Kriya Videos file No.4 on mediafire is missing. Pl. upload it at earliest. Namaha Shivaya.

  8. Rahul Says:

    Hi Gaurav,

    Thanks a lot for your update.
    I have successfully downloaded remaining files so the only issue is with file no 4.

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  9. Shivyogi Says:

    Namah Shivay !

    The file no. 4 is missing. Can you please reupload it.

    Have you all started this kriya and getting benefit from it… ? πŸ™‚

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    Guys Guys!! I’m doing nothing…stop thanking me πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    All thanks to Brahma lok! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  11. brahmalok Says:

    Please read my comments above. Due to some problem File No. 4 was not downloable and I will reupload it give me sometime to upload it.

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    File no:4 is missing. File no: 11 is not downloading. Everytime I press download it keeps going to the page which again gives the download option!


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  16. Amitabh Says:

    Sorry I missed the last comment, I think you should not put space in the file name, in this case you have a space after avseq01.

    • brahmalok Says:

      The space was not there previously but was added due to permutation and combination when the file was not downloable. Trying to reupload the file.

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    • brahmalok Says:

      I will be uploading the whole Sarp Kriya series to mirror download sites(rapidshare,hotfile,megaupload,etc) so that we are not bound to mediafire. To ease the wait, I will start with file number4 itself!. Hopefully should be done tonight itself.

      Namah Shivay.

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    Rejoice guys! As promised, File 4 was successfully uploaded. I will reupload the remaining files too if there is any need. Happy downloading.

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    πŸ™‚ download works fine now


  22. Gaurav Mathur Says:

    I have a question..should we do the sarp kriya’s first followed by sukshma pranayam’s ? or the other way round?

    • brahmalok Says:

      Sarp kriya is kriya of Sthula Sharir as Babaji explains in the SK videos. Sukhshma kriya is for Pran Sharir. Consider them as progressive exercises. Do both as it works on different bodies.

  23. RS Says:

    Hi Brahmalok (I’m calling you so, because your name is not known to me),

    Namah Shivay,

    I am new to your blog and beleive me this is something that was a treasure found during surfing for some help and details about Shivyog. A Very Nice effort by you truly.

    Actually I was searching for some help in the Dhyaan procedure and landed to this page.

    I happened to attend the Shivyog Shivir recently held in Mumbai ( Jan 16 – Jan 24).

    However being my very first time I had only registered for the Basic Level 1 ( Siddha Dhyaan and Healing) held for first 3 days only.

    We went under the process of learning to invoke Sanjivini, Self Healing, Healing one other person. These three things were taught in the level one.

    The problem is that I have noted down the procedure to invoke Sanjiivani but I simply couldnt manage to note the rest as it was quite difficult to write it down during the process itself.

    Though I can remember the Self Healing process but am not quite sure about the exact sequence of steps now . Also I had actually been having a viral fever just after 2-3 days after the program and just recovered a week back,so could not exactly recall and write down again the steps in proper sequence later on.

    So I request you to Please help me and guide me with the proper sequential process of the Dhyaan specially after the invocation of Sanjivani ( the unification with self – etc) just the same way as Babaji was instructing.

    And also the procedure to heal any other person ( I can just recall the first few steps)

    Seems you are an experienced Saadhak ( atleast more than I am) so I expect help and assistance from you regarding this.

    I am not able to properly do Saadhana because I lack the sequence of the procedure. And I need to do as much Saadhana as I can because in a way theres too much negativity which itself is a difficult task to disssolve.

    And tommorrow is Maha Shivratri and there would be no occassion better than this to gain the grace of Shiva in abundance as this one.

    So I shall be very grateful to you if you please respond to my request and atleast contact me ( I dont see your contact Email Address on the blog here, or else I would have mailed you personally) on my Email address given below.

    I am requesting you to do so, so that I can respond back to your mail and explain exactly what I need to know from you, and get my doubt cleared, so I can start right away doing Saadhana and especially most of all, not miss Maha Shivratris biggest opportunity.

    So I thought it would be easier to atleast have an Email Address as a source to communicate personally with you if possible, so that I could convey exactly what help I seek.

    I am much needing the correct guidance at the earliest.
    And so request you to please guide me through.

    I hope the email Address is filled in the comments field, But for the safer side I am giving my Email address to you

    Address : StrikeForceNumeroUno@gmail .com

    Please respond to my mail at the earliest. I shall be thankful for your assistance and help.

    Expecting guidance from you.

    Namah Shivay,


  24. Sourav Says:

    Hi, I am really glad to see all this things are uploaded here . A real great job. Hats off.

    But, while I was looking through all the download links of the videos I found out that file no.4 is missing from the link.

    Any solution friend ?

  25. Jayshree Lal Says:

    Namah Shivay to the Brahmalok Team,
    We recently attended the Shivir in Mulund, Mumbai in January. We got some VCDS and were listening to one of it called, “Tattva Shuddhi”. Babaji mentioned a Kurma Kriya that he guided the attendees, who were not doing Shambhavi and Sri Vidya courses yet. This technique of the Kurma Kriya wasn’t shown at the Mulund Shivir. I of course, don’t want to miss out on that Kriya. Could you please guide me to it or at least refer me to the right person who can give me detailed steps as to how we can do it? THANKS VERY MUCH. We are from Australia, and I am sure you know who we are if you were present at the Mulund, Mumbai shivir in Jan 2010.

    Namah Shivay
    Satish and Jayshree Lal

    • brahmalok Says:

      Namah Shivay.
      Please check the post . All and any kriyas taught by Babaji are listed on it. Search for the text “Kurma kriya” and you will find the steps.
      I haven’t attended Mulund Shivir.
      Namah Shivay.

      • Jayshree Lal Says:

        Namah Shivay,

        Thank you very much for the reply. Could you give us a step by step guide to Babaji’s Shambhavi and Sri Vidya Sadhana? Babaji did those sadhanas and so many different ways and each time we recollect it, we get confused with how the steps actually go. Also while we are busy following the sadhanas, we are not able to take notes and by the time we recollect what had happened during the sadhana, half of it is lost in our mind. You may send us an email too. If you need to confirm us as Shivyog Sadaaks please request for my details. This sewa of yours will be highly appreciated. I understand that importance lies in our bhavna rather than the process itself, but with proper steps we know for sure we will never go wrong at any cost.
        Thanks and Namah Shivay

        • brahmalok Says:

          1. Invoke Sanjeevani & Shambhavi Shakti.
          2. Send to target place. Focus and Intent is must and should be clear.
          3. If doing Chakra healing, start from Sahastrar towards Muladhar. I hope u remember this part and how to work with Chakras.
          4. When done, thank Sanj/Shambhavi, SS, HS, Babaji and if giving healing to someone then thank him/her to giving u an oppurtunity to do NishKam Seva.

          Hope this helps
          Namah Shivay.

          • Jayshree Lal Says:

            Namah Shivay,
            Thanks for the guidelines!
            Because Babaji advices that sadhanas should last for at least 1 hour, please advice if we spend more time in getting to the state of breathlessness or being in a state of breathlessness. When we listen and follow the meditation techniques in Babaji’s CDs they actually last from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Is thath how all of our sadhanas should last??
            Also during Mulund Shivir not alot of detail was given for chakra healing, or are you referring to the steps in Sri Vidya Sadhana that goes to each chakras (back and front) making a loop, when you say chakra healing??
            Also I hope you dont’ mind providing me with an email address so I can communicate more details and get more help in my sadhanas. Thanks and Namah Shivay.

          • brahmalok Says:

            Don’t think too much about Time. Babaji must have already told uall in Shivir that Time is the concept of the Mind. There is nothing really like Time. Only the Present exists. However as a guideline, 1 hour min is a must. If you do it the way I have mentioned where u spend atleast 5-10 min per chakra and the rest for healing various organs etc it will easily cross 1 hr. This is basic to start with. Start doing it, invoke Babaji to guide u, he will take care you do it properly. Too much logical mind will spoil ur Sadhana. So just do it and leave the rest to Babaji and Maa Sanjeevani. If u are the Karta, u have to decide many things, if he is the Karta, u just have to experience what he gives u. It is his job, just send Sanjeevani to whereever u want. You work starts and ends there.

            Namah shivay.

          • Jayshree Lal Says:

            Thanks very much.
            Namah Shivay

  26. harbhajan singh Says:

    I thank babaji for coming to malaysia and open our eyes regarding our life, our sanchit karams and how we can earn them easily daily but at the same he gives us the answer how to cleanse it. I hope to see babaji in malaysia again next chinese new years holidays.. 24/03/2010

  27. anuja garg Says:

    I was very happy to find the kriya videos here but unfortunately I can’t play them..any suggestions? Not sure if I am using a compatible program to play…please help
    namah shivaye

    • brahmalok Says:

      The instructions are given at the end of that post. As

      “Please download the individual files and join them with HJSplit.”. To play the file AFTER Joining all the individual files you can play in any player having the right codecs. mplayer and vlcplayer are popular ones.

      Namah Shivay.

  28. Jay Lal Says:

    Namah Shivay,

    I write to clarify a point on doing Shivyog Shambhavi Dhyan. During our Shambhavi meditation, do we at all bring the “bhav” of our breath descending from the pineal gland to the Muladhar chakra when breathing in and reverse from the Muladhar chakra to the pineal gland when breathing out (as in Golden Arrow Meditation) Or do we just focus on expansion and contraction when breathing in and out??
    Thanks to clarify these minute details which will assist us in the right direction towards our quest for Self Realisation.
    Namah Shivay
    Jay Lal

    • brahmalok Says:

      Focusing is the key. So you can focus on breath or expansion is your choice. Babaji’s aim was to bring your focus to one thing to the exclusion of all the other constant thoughts. Ideally, breath is my preferred choice if I am doing sadhana.

      Namah Shivay.

  29. Jay Lal Says:

    Namah Shivay,

    I am tied up in a situation where Babaji has said something and sadhaks have said something else.In the recent telecast of Malaysia Shivir here in Australia, Babaji specifically mentioned that it is a requirement for the Rishikesh Shivir that one has to attend at least a Shivir or a Prati Prasav before attending the Rishikesh Shivir held in November.
    However, my niece who is interested in attending a Babaji’s program told me that she asked at Babaji’s Facebook site if this is the case and was replied that it isn’t necessary for one to attend any other program before attending Rishikesh Shivir. THIS REPLY WAS GIVEN TO HER BY THE SAADAKS. PLEASE ADVICE WHAT SHOULD WE DO??

    • brahmalok Says:

      Both are correct answers πŸ™‚ Actually I will tend to slide towards what Babaji told to attend atleast some SY shivir, do sadhana for min. 6 months-1 yr and then do Prati Prasav Sadhana. Infact previously Shambhavi was min. requirement to attend PP shivir.
      However due to on coming 2012, babaji from last year has allowed non-Shambhavi-Sanjeevani Sadhaks(1st timers) to also come and do PP so that their Karmas are released faster and in that shivir babaji also gives Shakti so both are correct answers.

      Namah Shivay.

  30. Jay Lal Says:

    Namah Shivay,

    Thank you for your prompt response.

    I thought that the Rishikesh Shivir is ADVANCED Prati Prasav and Art of Dying. I forgot to mention earlier that in the Malaysia Shivir, Babaji mentioned that he is not particular if you attend a 5-day prati prasav or a 9-day shivir first, but it is a requirement that you attend one or the other first before attending Rishikesh Shivir. Will your answer change now??

    Thank to clarrify now.
    Namah Shivay
    Jay Lal

    • brahmalok Says:

      Answer remains the same. Ideally do some shivir first, do sadhana then attend PP Shivir. But like I mentioned, Babaji has now allowed all to come so it is fine either ways.

      Namah Shivay.

  31. DR. A.R. Chaudhri Says:

    Kindly upload 4th video on sarp kriya again as the link provided on rapidshare says that file has been removed as it has not been accessed for a considerable period.

    With regards and Namoh Shivaya

    Dr. Akshey R Chaudhri

    • brahmalok Says:

      Scroll a little bit below on the link given in the post, you will link to non-rapidshare hosting that file like megaupload etc. Download from them. It is working link.

      Namah Shivay.

  32. Karan Says:

    Namah shivaya,
    Thanks so much!

  33. vikram Says:

    thanks a lot for your efforts and time ……. Bless you and may you have all success and prosperity in life.

  34. SM Says:

    Om Namashivaya,

    I have 2 questions which I need clarification.

    1) In the Shivir that I attended, Babaji mentioned about doing Mrit Sanjeevani in the mornings using the sun’s rays for meditation. Unfortunately since I have to be in office by 8am, I am unable to do this. Can one just think of the sun and do the meditation with the intention that one is seated with the sun’s rays shining on one? And is there any mantras which will help in this

    2) I have also attended the Prati Prasav sadhana but am unsure if I have to do the meditation or rather the cleansing process daily. In my understanding, we have done cleansing from our past memories/doings once and for all. In view of that, should we still continue going into our past to cleanse the memories repeatedly?

    I would be grateful if you could throw some light on these questions. Thank you very much and Om Namashivaya.


    • brahmalok Says:

      Regarding your question 1, babaji says to do Mrit Sanj. kriya with the rising sun preferably i.e around 6:00 am when babaji himself sits to do Sadhana. Just in case even 6 is not possible then yes the procedure you mentioned is fine to do say in afternoon etc. Mantra is same as Babaji has given.
      2. Sadhana done in PP shivir alone is enuf. Babaji has enhanced the Sanjeevani shakti in PP shivir that can now go deeper into past and cleansed. Use any meditation you remember/noted down to cleanse ur past karmas. If you can’t figure out anything, pray to Maa Sanjeevani to do so and she will do it.

      Namah Shivay.

  35. SM Says:

    Thank you very much for the explanations.

    I also have a question regarding the Mahameru. When I purchased it, I was told that the 5 triangles should face me when doing the prayers. But also heard from someone else that the 5 triangles should face east. Could you please clarify this matter. I would also be grateful if you could give some do’s and dont’s regarding the use of the Mahameru.

    I have also purchased the Sri Chakra, Mahamrityunjaya & Antahkaran yantras (paper & metal). Can I keep them under a pyramid for greater effect. Could you also please clarify what else these yantras can be used for.

    Thanking you very much for all the help you are giving in replying to all our queries and doubts.

    • brahmalok Says:

      The Middle-most triangle must face downwards i.e the point towards you. Follow the writing on Mahameru/paper yantra is must be readable to you that is correct position. Reg. dos and don’ts, don’t allow anyone other than you(assuming u r a SriVidya sadhak) to touch the Maha/paper yantras. Do puja/sadhana of these @night daily. Doing kumkum puja(will not discuss as babaji has taught it in shivir and I can’t discuss it openly) of Mahameru. Keep it in Red cloth.
      Yes u can keep Sri, MM, Antakaran yantras under a pyramid and Antakaran can be kept under ur meditation cloth for good effect.

      Namah Shivay.

  36. SM Says:

    Om Namashivaya,

    Thank you once again for the explanations.
    Yes, I am a Sri Vidya sadhak & do know about the kumkum puja.
    What I’d like to know is after the puja is done, can one give the kum-kum to others who have no Meru or havent attended the Shivyog? Can the kum-kum be put into the water when one has a bathe? Also, if one does not have a Meru, can the kum-kum puja be done on the metal or paper yantra?

    Can these yantras be also kept in the office or car?

    • brahmalok Says:

      You cannot give kumkum to anyone nor bathe for it. It can be done on metal or paper yantra, but ideally Mahameru is suggested. Once lot of kumkum is accumulated, collect it in red cloth and keep it in place where u keep money like locker/safe(tijori) and watch ur wealth grow.

      Namah Shivay.

  37. SM Says:

    Om Namashivaya,

    Firstly let me thank you for the seva which you’re doing for sadhaks all over the world. There are so many questions/doubts around and a website like this is a dream for every current and future sadhaks. I have a few questions which sometimes are a bone of contention amongst sadhaks who’ve attended shivirs separately.

    1) In the shivir, Babaji has said Mrit Sanjeevani can be sent to any place/situation needing healing or creating. Can this be also applicable to temples. For example if one is unable to go to temple and wants the grace and help of the diety. Can one send Mrit Sanjeevani to the diety and then direct it to the place/situation?

    2) When one’s in a temple, can one direct Sanjeevani to the diety and then bring it back to one for greater blessing/energy?

    3) In the Meru kumkum prayer, is the mantra recited for 11 or 21 times?

    Thank you and Om Namashivaya.

    • brahmalok Says:

      1. Babaji has told that we must have visited that place and taken the grace of that deity/sant ATLEAST ONCE before what you mentioned can be done thereon.
      2. Yes
      3. For kumkum we have to recite Lakshmi Mantra 3 times pouring kumkum while Srividya Sanjeevani shakti is flowing. Can’t give out anymore details than this.

      Namah Shivay.

  38. SM Says:

    Thank you very much for all your clarifications. Keep up the good work and I sincerely pray this website be always there for all us sadhaks.

    Om Namashivaya.

  39. SDivya Says:


    I would like to know how the Mahameru can be used for manifestation? Do we need to send the sanjevani sakti to the mahameru and then direct it to what we want?

    Thank you

    • brahmalok Says:

      Yes but I can’t disclose the details as these are sacred Sadhanas which can ONLY be given by a Guru. If you have attended Babaji’s SriVidya shivir babaji must have taught the method. Follow that.

      Namah Shivay

  40. Rajesh Sharma Says:

    Namah shivaye
    I am a new sadhak we got deeksha in Houston USA and we don’t have the full procedure for sadhana.I request you if you can mail me the procedure to follow in whole day that will be nice as you are experienced Sadhak and then I can send that to all the sadhak who attended the Houston Shivir.We completed Sidha Dhyan,Shambabi and Srividya if you can let us know what exactly we need to do that will be big help to all of us

  41. raj Says:

    hi i cannot seem to download file number 4 from the multi upload site. can any one please help me

    • brahmalok Says:

      Its available on Megaupload server after you click on the multiupload link…please scroll the resulting page for all the other servers besides rapidshare.

      Namah Shivay

  42. raj Says:

    hi i am a sri vidya sadhank. i have doing this sadhana for 7 days now. when babaji told us at shivir when we send the shakti to maha meru its will start to rotate. ia havent expreinced this as yet but i am exprincing strong vibrations instead. am i doing this sadhana right?

    • brahmalok Says:

      Rotation is not physical but with emotions you have to visualize it. Rotation will stimulate the activation of SV energy in ur body.

      Namah Shivay

  43. Nitin Says:

    Namah Shivay

    File number 4 is missing from Multiupload link. I have checked all the links 3/4 times but its not working.
    Please Help.

  44. Manoj Says:

    Namah Shivay,

    I am very very thankful and grateful to you for this video, may Shiv Shiva bless us all

    Grateful to you,

  45. Vinay Says:

    Dear All,

    Any body is having the video part 4? It is not available at the link…Please send me or let me know the working link…please ASAP

    Om namah shivay

  46. anand Says:

    Thank you very much for the videos. It is very beneficial. I have a request. Could you please upload the video 4 again? The link doesnt work. And we are not able to find any other working link to it.

    It would be complete.

    Namah Shivay

  47. brahmalok Says:

    File 4 has now been uploaded to the same location. Please download to your hearts content and get Babaji’s Blessings.

    Namah Shivay

  48. Vinay Says:

    many thanks… was much awaited……….om namah shivay

  49. Avanti Says:

    Dear Brahmalok ~

    Namah Shivay! I feel so Blessed that I came upon your blog. What a wonderful resource! Thank you for sharing your knowledge … I was looking for Sarp Kriya and Kurma Kriya instructions and came upon this. I thank Babaji for leading me here.

    I did manage to download the Sarp Kriya files, but they won’t open. Could you please point me to the software that I must use to open the files. I notice that everybody who has posted on this thread seems to have been able to access the videos.

    My husband and I did our first Shiv Yog Shivir in New Jersey (US) under a month ago … it is THE BEST GIFT we have received … we are Blessed! Now it’s onward and upward…. Namah Shivay!

    Look forward to hearing from you … and I’ll be following your blog! Bless you!!

    • brahmalok Says:

      Hi Avanti,
      The software to stich each of the .001, .002… files is to use software. I have mentioned to use it at the end of this article. Please use it to merge all files to get the final movie file which can be played in any media player and get Blessed!!

      Namah Shivay

      • anand Says:

        Dear Brahmalok,

        Thank you very much for the file. It is very kind of you. God bless you.

        hi Avati,
        U can try to use GOM player. With gom player u dont have to stitch the file and play each file individually. the link is given below.

        Hope it helps.


  50. Sheetal Punia Says:

    i m thankful to baba ji for teaching us a lot, for changing my life.

  51. kanu15 Says:

    Namah Shivay Bramalok!!
    I havent taken diksha from babaji.But have attended Sapatshati shivir multi times. Can i perform sarp kriya and pran kriyas?

    • brahmalok Says:

      Yes if you have done shivir’s of Babaji means you might have also got some shakti diksha but these are ancient kriyas and don’t require any mantra dikshas unless some mantras/shakti is invoked.

      Namah Shivay

  52. abhishek jain Says:

    Namah shivay,
    can you please arrange Shankh prakshalan and nauli video of Shivyog, and thankyou for your great service, namah shivay.

  53. RK Says:

    Namah Shivaya Brahmalok, i see only 8 files in the mediafire link. Maybe i am missing something but i don’t see links to the mirror sites. please advise.please ignore my earlier post as there was a typo in my email. thanks

  54. laxman Says:

    I want to learn these techniques. Do you have any centers in Mumbai

  55. Antara Says:

    Namah Shivay, i am not ableto open the videos after download,its showing 001 type file,as it was not zipped also.pls help me.

    • brahmalok Says:

      You need to follow the instructions given on the page. Download all the .00X files and use hjsplit(link given in post) to join all the files together.
      Namah Shivay

  56. t_r_a_v_e_l_l_e_r Says:

    Namah Shivaya……thank you so much for posting this…..was really helpful….

  57. Chandanbhen Parekh Says:

    Namah Shivaya


    Thanks a lot. Namah shivay..

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