Shivyog Online Sadhak Registration

|| Namah Shivay ||
ShivYog Online Portal has arrived!

ShivYog launches the online profile registration system for all our ShivYog sadhaks across the world.

Its the time to say goodbye to all traditional methods of applying for ShivYog events via paper forms etc.

The so-called ShivYog Portal, is a place for all ShivYog sadhaks to register their profile and apply for events online in a couple of mouse clicks. Read the rest of this entry »

New Shivyog Events site

Namah Shivay

As most of you awaiting opportunity to be blessed by Babaji or Ishan Bhaiya and visiting Shivyog’s official site to know details of next shivirs must have noticed a non-operational event’s page on that site. This was because we are being blessed by a completely new official event’s site to keep track of the same. The new site is now operational at

Namah Shivay

Special Telecast on Aastha

Special Aastha Telecast of Shivyog Advait Srividya Sadhana

Special Aastha Telecast of Shivyog Advait Srividya Sadhana

Babaji on Astha Channel for 1 whole week

Babaji will be on Astha Channel from 30th January to 3th Feb between 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM. Please inform your family & friends.

Namah Shivay!