Programs at Karjat Ashram on Mahashivratri

Namah Shivay,

The Following 2 programs are scheduled to happen at Shivlok Dham, Karjat.

1. On 19/02/12, Sunday
Akhand Mahamritunjay mantra chanting, from 7.00 AM To 7.00 PM

2. On 20/02/12, Monday, Mahashivratri
Mahashivratri celebrations will commence on 20/02/12 at 6.00 AM and will continue until 21/02/12 at 4.00 AM.

This will include Mantra Jaap, Swadhyay, Chanting, Meditation and all 8 prahar puja

All Sadhaks are requested to take advantage of these opportunities along with their family and friends.

For bus service please contact Unni Ji 9869774828.

Namah Shivay!

Finally Sri Vidya Level 3 is here

Namah shivay

                      Ideally Baba ji wouldve wanted that the purification be in his words, a “sehaj” process. Orientations for Shree Vidya level 3 He believed wouldve allowed Him more leeway to go full monty, blessing all with higher shakti. But with energy and vibrations of the planet Earth growing at a rapid pace, He believes the time is rife for Shree Vidya 3. As a consequence, in GOA in late May and early June, two shivirs of Shree vidya 3 will be held. One being in English and one in Hindi. Prati Prasav shivirs for those who attend them will be the implicit orientations. For those unable to attend any shivirs in the coming times before Shree Vidya 3, start getting regular in the morning and evening Shree Vidya sadhnas. All information regarding this Shivir will be uploaded on the website. . No further clarifications and/or further elaboration, just the announcement over here.

Namah Shivay

Srividya Level 2 Delhi Shivir 2011 notes

Here are some notes from Sri Vidya Level 2 Delhi Shivir December 2011 notes from FB

Namah shivay to all the divine beings. The note is made in a manner that it will be a virtual shiviir for any sadhak reading it owing to the minutest of Baba ji’s teachings that it covers. Read on for an e-shivir which does not need any registration and which has knowledge and facts that CAN’T be “GOOGLED”


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