Shivyog Guru Poornima Live Telecast on the Web!

Namah Shivay

Baba Ji’s Guru Purnima Mumbai program on 02/07/12 ( both sessions) shall be webcasted live on the below mentioned link. You are requested to spread the word around to all the Shiv Yog Sadhaks around the world.

 Date:  02/07/12
Time: 5.00 to 8.30 PM

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If someone can record and send it to me so that I can upload it here for those who missed it then it will be even better.

Namah Shivay

Gems from Sri Vidya Level 3 Shivir Goa

Namah Shivay.

Very happy to present the Gems from the recently concluded Shivyog Sri Vidya Level 3, Goa Shivir. Drink the Nectar flowed by Babaji by reading these text and be Blessed!

Goa Campus of Bits Pilani where Sri Vidya L3 took place

Day 1
Have Alp Bhojan.
– Babaji told that food must be ingested only and only when hungry and in a proportion such that it is lesser than the total eating capacity. The pran or life force energy which streams through the astral body or pran shareer is perturbed or enhanced depending on the food we intake. So eat natural food such as raw fruits and vegetables and if cooked food is to be had, it must be consumed within two hours of its preparation. Just as food is to be had frugally, speaking must be also be restricted. Utter sparingly and only when necessary. Talking and blabbering without an end and uselessly dissipates the positive energy created through sadhna. Always utter positivity and create happiness.

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