Shivyog Healing-An Insight by a Shivyog Sadhak

This is posted on shivyog_healing healing group. Thought it will be helpful to all of us.

!! Namah Shivay !!

Dear ShivYog Sadhaks and all the people having faith in Shivyog Healing and having faith in Param Pujya Babaji and Guruma today I would like to share a very divine experience with the intention of making your faith more strong in ShivYog Healing.

After deciding a lot, the decision was made to share this divine experience with you all which will surely help people in having a powerful faith in ShivYog healing.

Till now we have always sent healing requests to this Divine group and many have got benefited from this Nishkam Seva done by Hundreds of Sadhaks on this group. But we have never known how healing works and How Pujya Babaji and the Divine Beings help Humanity by Healing the people.

Most of us have seen Bhagwati Sanjeevani Maa from the Krilian Photography snaps uploaded on this groups Photo section. But please read the following with full devotion and Faith.

With the supreme grace of Paratpar Shiv, Babaji, All the Siddhas and all the divine beings while healing the people of this group I and my Sadhak friends always visualize that all the people who need healing (who have posted a request on this group) are sitting on chairs in a line and Bhagwati Sanjeevani Maa is flowing on all of them.

But here I narrate one very profound experience:
Once during sadhana, I was blessed to see a Divine view of what all was happening. I could literally see Pure Golden Energy forming a circle around all the people sitting on the chairs who needed healing and when avahan was done for all the siddhas and Babaji to come and heal these people, within seconds these people who needed healing were surrounded by thousands of Siddhas all in red robes (like our Babaji) including our Pujya Babaji, and all were healing the people of this group with their Pure Golden Energy.

There was so much energy created that I was not able to see it for long. But the scene was so divine and has created a feeling of Happiness in my Heart.

I Thank Babaji and all the Holy Siddhas for healing this group people every day with their Unconditional Love and Bhagwati Sanjeevani Shakti.

There are certain things which I thought are necessary to mention along with this mail:

1. Question: People may say that if so much healing is done then why did a specific person did not get the required effects after putting their names on this group for healing?

Answer: My question to such people is “Why did others benefit when you couldn’t?”. Understand that every person has his or her own Karmic Factor and beliefs and we never know how strong that karmic factor is. If this Karmic factor is very strong then it will take some more time to heal. And at times the karmic factors are so strong that a person is suggested to attend Babaji’s Shibir to get healed soon. Babaji often mentions about this in his Shivirs that “Agar dava chahiye to Doctor ke pass jao, mein to Sadhana sikhata hu, agar Sadhana karke apne Karmo se mukti pana chahate ho to mere pass aana”.This has a very deep meaning that I would like to take an opportunity to explain.

Every problem\situation in our life has been created by us by our thoughts and actions of past lives. People due to ignorance always blame others for their misery. Such people take things too seriously and personal and refuse to accept their own mistakes or even consider such a thing could have possibly been created by them. When people have lot of such deep negative impressions and resentment towards others, they manifest in the form of various disease, fights, situations they may not like. Of course you need someone to act as a medium to administer the pain and suffering “you” have created and we blame this or that person for those problem. This starts a chain reactions as you crib on creation of one bad situation after another, more blames follow and which are followed with more suffering loop.

Babaji’s favorite quote for such situation is

“Mein hi apna beri Muaa” (I am the enemy of myself) – Upanishads.

So as Sanjeevani shakti does not just work on Physical level but also on all five bodies, it needs, that in order to clear those negative energy debris, from your higher bodies, your willingness to forgive others. If you do so, you will be amazed how soon that problem vanishes and some sort of peaceful settlement is arrived at. Failure to forgive and forget hurts no one except you. So Babaji always say to forgive even your enemy as he was just a medium and he has in fact come to release you from that Karma by enabling you to undergo it thereby releasing it because you failed to forgive and give Unconditional Love in the first place.

Thus request all (Sadhaks and non-Sadhaks/Healees) to give lots of Unconditional Love to all Living Beings. Since many people forget such basic things, we have already added the above practice as part of the healing process, thus every time a Sadhaks sits to do Healing Sadhana and sends healing to people on this group’s Calendar, he is simultaneously also healing Mother Earth, and all living beings past, present and future and All Healees and Sadhaks on this group. How profound and easy it is to pray for all in one sitting. Can you think of anyone who cannot be one among the aforementioned list and still be your enemy? Not possible. So all Karmas get released before they manifest.

For Non-Sadhaks, please learn to Forgive and Forget, give Unconditional Love to everyone. You don’t require Disksha for doing this. Unconditional Love is your natural state. Doing just this with Nishkam Bhav will help Maa Sanjeevani to heal you faster. Ultimately you are creator of your own Destiny. So failure to release those deep resentment is going to hurt only you.

I had explained the below to one of our distressed Sadhak who was in the grip of serious Karmic repercussions. Maybe it will help most of you as well:

If the Loan is taken of 1,00,000 Rs and if it is paid in parts of thousands then it will surely take some time to repay the entire Loan. Does a seed planted in soil, grows into a plant immediately or takes some time? Similarly our karmic factors are the loan taken by us and the Good Karmas, Sadhana, NishKam Seva, Mantra Recitation and doing good deeds are the ways of repaying it. So continue your faith in healing and never miss a chance to do Nish Kam Seva like the one done in this Healing Group shivyog_healing. Never put any time limit or expectations on Healing, just absorb the Kripa flowing through you. If you resist, Maa Sanjeevani will return back and you will remain thirsty sitting at the river bank when others came and benefited in no time.
The persons willingness to accept healing also plays an important role.

2. Request : Nobody should have a feeling that they should also be able to see this or that as otherwise the attention of the healers will be directed in getting these experience which is wrong. Kindly have your full attention in Reciting the Mantra with love and doing the Sadhana as taught in ShivYog shibir by Babaji.

3. Do not bring Karta Bhav when doing Healing on this group or elsewhere. In fact mentally bow down to the people making Healing requests and thank them that they gave you an opportunity to serve them and do nishkam seva which helped you to release so many karmas and grow spiritually besides those healees getting healed. Remember you are not the Healer. Karta Purush Ek hi hai. Karne wala WOH hai, you are just a medium, a person who can pray because your Guru-Babaji connected you. This thing in mind will help you grow spiritually and Ego-The greatest of all barriers will not arise.

Humble request:
I request all the Sadhaks to request Bhagwati Sanjeevani Shakti to flow to the people who need healing on this yahoo group shivyog_healing atleast for 5 to 10 minutes(ideally 1 hr Sadhana must be done ) every day before ending the sadhana. As Babaji has given us a platform to do Nish Kaam Sadhana and Seva so we should do this with full devotion and with unconditional love.

Kindly spread this message to all the Sadhaks who are not members of this group yet, to request Bhagwati Sanjeevani Shakti to flow to this group everyday for atleast 5 to 10 minutes which will heal many people quickly.
4. One more thing I would like to add that while reciting the Mantra during Sadhana sing the Mantra with Love and Devotion and as if we are reciting it not for ourselves but with a feeling that we are reciting it so that Lord Shiv Shiva and Babaji are hearing it. This will have more powerful healing.

I have very less access to this mail account kindly do all communication to the shivyog_healing group only.

!! Namah Shivay !!

——————————– End of Message————————————–

How profound and beautiful message by a fellow sadhak and how beautifully he explains all the fundamentals of Shivyog in story form and simple words. Truly a master piece on healing-Shivyog Healing.

Namah Shivay.

68 Responses to “Shivyog Healing-An Insight by a Shivyog Sadhak”

  1. sameer Says:

    thanks for giving such precious knowledge Namah Shivay.

  2. sunilpanwar Says:

    om namah shivai
    thanks for guiding Loka Samastha sukhino Bhvantu. LET PEACE be there with all the people of the world

  3. sameer Says:

    Namah Shivay.

  4. yogesh Says:

    It is encouraging to all the shadhaks.Lay men will gratitude to babaji.

  5. Sushant Kaisukar Says:

    Namah shivay,
    thanks for reminding me!
    my gratitude to babaji.

  6. Priya Says:

    Namah Shivaya!!

    Can we do healing to the person who only request for healing.
    Can we heal anyone like our sisters, brothers, mother etc. without their request if they have any problem like diabetes etc.
    Is healee also sit eyes closed or he can do his works.

    • brahmalok Says:

      Request is required i.e the person must request you to heal before you can heal. It is essential for the person who is receiving healing to have faith plus an open mind and body to receive healing or else the healing will not take effect. In case of children, coma patients etc where permission is not possible, you can do without explicit request.
      When healing, it is preferable for the healee to be at one place but eyes need not be closed. What is more imp. in healing is receptivity of the healee than anything else.

      Namah Shivay.

  7. Priya Says:

    Many Many thanks for quick reply. some more queries please help me.
    1. One of my relatives who has kidney failure & hospitalized but not in coma, they don’t know about shivyog etc. how i help them. can i heal her or first i have to tell them about shivyog healing & request.

    2. I have read your article about 2012 & I want to know more about 2012. What actually happened at that time. we enter in 4th dimension sitting in our houses, our houses etc. remains same or changed.

    • brahmalok Says:

      1. You must brief them about shivyog healing and being open and receptive about it. Maybe let them hear babaji on tv etc. Open mind is necc. as without the willingness of the healee, Maa Sanjeevani, will not heal him.
      2. There are two article along wiht a pdf file written by Babaji on 2012. That is the max that can be revealed abt 2012 right now. If you are a sadhak, your entire focus must be on Sadhana, rest Babaji will take care.

      Namah Shivay.

  8. Priya Says:

    Thank you
    I am grateful to you.
    UCL to you

  9. Sushant kaisukar Says:

    Namah Shivay!!
    How i can heal any situation.
    Can you guide me.
    i request You to please send me healing to find solution for my office job matter.

  10. karuna Says:

    namashivayy!!!i an a non-sadhak,i couldnt attend the course but i attended the lecture on the eve of the shivir, i am myself grateful to babaji.i am from mauritius and since that day i cannot stop thinking about babaji and the benefits of shivyog.especially as my son was very ill,in icu for 2 weeks and in room for another 4 weeks and 2 sadhaks were with us constantly for the healing.i can say that YES MIRACLES DO HAPPEN and now i am waiting for babaji to comeback again in mauritius so that i can attend the shivirs

  11. GEETHA Says:

    Very good article and thoughts ..
    Namah shivaya !.

  12. meena motilal Says:

    I loved your inspirational healing experience. I am a South African. I attended the Shivir recently in Mauritius. iI need some clarity about Sri vidhya and the jyorthirlingas.
    my e-mail is
    Namah Shivaya

  13. meena motilal Says:

    I love shivyog

  14. Inaxi Says:

    I liked this article very much. It is very nice to imagine all the people who need healing lined up in a chair and then giving them healing with Babaji’s help. I have listened to Babaji’s video and attended Babaji’s shibir and learned to forgive and forget, but this article gives me more incentive to practice even more. I need more help from Babaji to forgive and forget to make my life better and understand human behavior and understand people better than I really know them. This article is very touching for me as I have been through a rough journey in my life and it is very difficult for me to find out what needs to be done.

  15. Hema Says:

    Namah Shiva:

    I like to know if Babaji going to have shivir in Delhi in Jan. 2011? Please let me know about shivir schedule. Thanks!

    I like to know if Babaji going to have shivir in Delhi in Jan. 2011? Please let me know about shivir schedule. Thanks!

    During shivir, everybody gets healing?
    How babaji gives Sanjivani to so many people?
    He gives in groups or individual?
    Only few can see Siddhas in golden light or everybody in hall can see? Just querious to know.
    Thank you so much!

    • brahmalok Says:

      Please keep checking’s event diary for latest info on Babaji’s schedule.

      1. Yes Everybody gets healing.
      2. Only he knows.
      3. Groups.
      4. Depending on your level of consciousness. But why worry about seeing something. First cultivate trust on your Guru. All Gurus are one, if you can see Babaji, you are seeing ALL.

      Namah Shivay.

  16. HEENA Says:

    i have done Pratiprasav sadhana, can i do healing and how!

  17. jaysri Says:

    I love Babaji. I would like to attend a shivir. What is the order in which we should do
    should Prati Prasav sadna be done first followed by Siddha dhyan , Shambavi dhyan and then SriVidya.
    Thankyou and Om Namah Shivaya

    • brahmalok Says:

      Ideally it should be
      Siddha Dhyan, Shambhavi and then and/or Prati Prasav/Sri Vidya.

      Namah Shivay,

      • jaysri Says:

        Thanks. I was under the impression that Prati Prasav Sadna was to be done first. So then I should attend the Shivir first correct?
        Om Namah Shivah. Also do you know where I can get Babajis CDs in the USA
        Om Namah Shivah

        • brahmalok Says:

          Depends what you get first. As per upcoming time, and you being in US, take what you get first. Each shivir is a blessing and grab it if you get a chance. Anything. Reg. CDs, not sure, but your only dependence would be shivir’s divine shop.

          Namah Shivay.

  18. jaysri Says:

    Thanks for your response. I called the Divine shop and unfortunately they do not do domestic or international mailings.
    I hope in the next coming months I can attend a shivir. I really hope so. I have listened to his discourses on youtube and I have been deeply impacted by this talks. I also would like to request for a healing. Is there any way I can do so. Thank you so much and Om Namah Shivaya

  19. priya Says:

    Om Namah Shivaya! Whenever Imeditate on Mahamritunjay mantra I fell hot flushes in my body .Please explain what it is .thank you. I love you babaji.

    • brahmalok Says:

      Release of negative energies. Just continue. Namah Shivay.

      • sachikanta satapathy Says:

        Namah sivaya,
        Can u send me the methods of self healing & healing for others through any sample video. Pls guide me.

        • brahmalok Says:

          Pls go thru the post on this blog. There are detailed instructions on how to do that. Sorry no direct video for this.

          • sachikanta satapathy Says:

            How can I sure that my self healing procedure is correct. And also how can I realise tht I m getting cosmic power through meditation??
            NAMAH SIVAYA.

  20. sanjeevi Gopal&lila gopal Says:

    my wife and me have attended babajis programme,in Raipur India in 2009,and we just loved it so much that we are shiv yogis now and naver fail to see him on SunTv every morning,and try to follow to our level best of his teachings and we find ourselves very peaceful.We are both 63,and 69 years old and live in Penang,malaysia.

  21. Dipankar Ghosh Says:

    I have one query regarding 4th point mentioned inside the above description
    “4. One more thing I would like to add that while reciting the Mantra during Sadhana sing the Mantra with Love and Devotion and as if we are reciting it not for ourselves but with a feeling that we are reciting it so that Lord Shiv Shiva and Babaji are hearing it. This will have more powerful healing.”
    Could you please let me know how to recite the mantra at the time of sadhana?
    I am giving some description of my query as below-
    At the time of sadhana such as sidha dhyan and sambhavi sadhana, mentaly we have to follow some procedure by concentrating on various parts of our body or chakra. So I want to know to do both( i.e. reciting mantra and follow the procedure) at the same time.
    It will be very helpfull if any body can explain the same.

    • brahmalok Says:

      Hasn’t babaji taught to recite the MM Beej mantra during Sadhana?? Same way you can recite this form of mantra. We speak with our mouth or in heart and focus with our minds. Where is the problem?

      Namah Shivay.

  22. Vipull Sayal Says:

    Om Namah Shivaya,

    It was a wonderful experience in the last shivir I attended in May in Raipur. Never ever before have I felt such strong currents passing through my body. Strong visions both good and bad, long snakes, jungles, black garbage, debris, toilets, golden light, beings flowing in pink fluids n lot more I don’t even remember now.

    I wanted to ask something about genetic diseases. I wanted to ask this question to Babaji in Shivir but somehow didn’t get chance.

    Genetic diseases are also the result of our karma?
    When we say genetic it means something which we inherited from our parents and didn’t form with our concious/unconcious choices(karma). But since it’s always souls who choose his parents and this choice is based upon our karma, so genetic disease might be as a result of karma I think.
    Now healing of these types of diseases take place by healing karmas? Because choice of getting born in a particular family cannot be changed, so does the genes of person having disease gets healed?

    Om Namah Shivaya,

    • brahmalok Says:

      Yes you are right. Choosing of our parent is due to our level of consciousness and/or pending debts in a particular family. But as Babaji says, future is changeable so if you do Sadhana and raise your vibrations more than the vibrations of that disease then you can completely remove it.

      Namah Shivay.

  23. Neelam Jain. Says:

    namah shivay..
    Thank u Sir,,, nice teachings you gave by this articles.I have not attended any of the shivir of babaji,but hope to attend soon…I am simple & religious girl & i am like this coz of my love. my love is the reason i met god & babaji from inside..somehow i am facing problems & due to this bad views comes in my mind & it seems like i am very much helpless..please help me.. reading your article & seeing daily babaji programe on TV helps me lots.. can u help in coming out all bad feelings & start a life full of hope,work & lots of love.I have godly people around me they love me lots but still love of my heart is a bit far..i dont know what to do.. how to overcome with all these..can u help me??? reading your articles helps can i keep my mind in seems a fight is going in my mind. please help me..what mantra i should recite to keep myself happy & stable..awating for your reply…..
    lots of love & pranam to babaji..
    & many thanks to you for such nice teachings.
    Namah Shivaya.

    • brahmalok Says:

      Hello Neelam,
      Just surrender to your Guru or any God you believe in. Watch that he is guiding you in the right direction. This is the first step to calm your mind and bring peace to you. Next is to do atleast 1 shivir of Babaji as soon as possible. Rest Babaji will lead you automatically just like he has/is leading us. You are already lucky to be blessed with loving people around you. You now just need to strengthen your belief as stated above and rest will be automatic. Try and let me know 🙂

      Namah Shivay.

  24. Uma devi Says:

    Please bhaya,
    *Let me know when Babaji is having his 1st shivir 2011 in New Delhi? Dates timing & address please. I’ll come from far & I do need a visa for this.
    *Does Babaji ever have shivir in Allahabad? Is he having one very soon there?
    *Will he also have a shivir in Rishikesh, Ram Jhula or Laxman Jhoola soon?
    These are the places I would like to attend shivirs in…anyway at the moment I’m looking for places where I can afford to go & be in his aura.

    Thanks for all the information you give on this site.
    OM Nama Shivaya!

  25. Gargi Says:

    Namah Shiavay.
    Dear Sadhaks,
    I would like to know the process/steps of doing Sadhana. Unfortunately, I have not attended any Shivir of Babaji (I live in US), so I do not know the process. I do watch Babaji’s and Acharya Ishanji’s videos. If someone could help me by explaining the steps(like where to sit, what mantras to say,how to do pooja etc), I would be very grateful.


  26. kimti Says:

    namah shivay,
    i m really grateful to be a saddhak of shivyog, i thank shivji to guide me to my guru. thanking babaji for the teachings and showing me the path, when i was lost.
    i am on my 7th day of shivir in kenya. i am a little confused on the sadhna, meditation and healing. Is saadhna = meditation and medition is self healing and giving healing or otherwise??
    i would like to know what i am supposed to do daily. and
    if you can help me with the steps of healing others.
    and which to be used out of siddha or shambhavi when and how???
    and when is shree vidya to be done when and how???
    i would like to know step by step which would mke me comfortable practising widout feeling m doing something wrong.
    it would be a great opportunity for me to do Nishkam Seva by praying for the people suffering.
    i would appreciate the assistance.
    God bless you all.

    ps: i know it can not be written here for those who hasnt got deeksha,
    please email me.

  27. Roshila Partab Says:

    I am grateful to be a Shivyogi.
    Namah Shivaya to all saddaks.

  28. nits Says:

    Namah shivay
    baba ji
    i can not walk properly, i need a support to walk
    i have a problem in spinal chord.
    please heal me and remove my all problems
    i shall be highly grateful to you
    Namah Shivaya to all saddaks.
    Thanks and regards

  29. Biswajit Bhattacharjee Says:

    thank you
    Namah Shivaya

  30. Hetal shah Says:

    Om Namah Shivay

    I just attended month back babaji’s shivir in New Jersey where I live. It was a great experience. I would like to request q heling for my 5 vyear old daughter who has diabetes and her name is Aastha. Pls give her healing. I do sadhana and healing to her bot I guess more sadhaks do it better are the results.

    Hetal Shah
    Namah Shivay

  31. Hema Says:

    I like to know early sadhna and late sadhna? Please correct me for these steps! call sanjivni 3 times, bow my head to shiv shankti, sanjivani, Guru, sidha guru and all deva’s, recite shiva’s mantra, watching spiral light coming to crown, and around body and inside body and then connect to earth.
    Do I’ve to call mrit sanjivni and do shambhvi?
    When I suppose to do shambhvi?
    Please let me know about steps for sadhna. I’m a new sadhak,I just took first shivir.

  32. Aparajita Karmakar Says:

    Dear Abbu,
    thank you so so so much for everything:) love you.

  33. Anamika Says:

    Please, please heal my relationship with my husband. I live in Tanzania and am very very influenced by baba ji’s teachings and discourses. I am connected to my dear babaji through Internet n tv since a month and I feel so good . Please heal our relationship so that there b lots of love energy flowing between us. Please help.

  34. Ravi Sharma Says:

    I have a strange problem.
    I started doing gayatri mantra japa about two years back and was successfully doing that till last years september when i felt that some thing has blocked into my heart chakra and i started to remain irritated through out the time, day and night. I also started to have insomnia and to this day i have not been able to overcome that particular feeling of irritation. The feeling in heart chakra was so intense and it actually was a combination of fear + anxiety. I tried to consult a couple of people connected to spirituality but not to avail. Nobody came to rescue. I till now have only understood that any kind of sadhana needs a guru and since i was alone such thing happened and there was no guru to help.
    I started watching babji’s program and found an ideal guru in him. Thanks to babaji.
    I just wanted to know that would shivyog be able to help people like me who have earlier done sadhana in wrong way ?????
    Also i have scoliosis (a curve in spinal cord) . And extreme amount of irritation.
    A urgent reply is needed since i need to enroll in to upcoming shivir in bangalore

  35. Ishwar Sookoo Says:

    Very inspiring will be most natural comment. As one is merging with onself. I do not beleive that any understanding is diificult, if they just listen and follow the procedures, and the script thereof. Brilliant and I spend many hours on the awakening process of the ifiniate illumnious light which is the ShivaShakti. With love and light to all> Om Namashivaya<

  36. dnsh Says:

    namah shiva,
    i had been in the field of medtation from past 12 years and i am blessed to hear babaji and his experinces. always when i had a very divine exp ‘ somewhere my inner gets frighten. it is own self that hold us which is not allow to go more deep. only babaji can tell why this happens. our memory is the real hinderence in our growth.

  37. aayushi Says:

    evrytym i wanted 2 attend the shivir my parents deny dat how u’ll go their alone…and due to that i misss the shivir..what should i do now…i really want to b there……..

  38. sachikanta satapathy Says:

    How can I release my sanchit karmas through meditation ? Please guide me.
    Namah sivaya

  39. LUCKY Says:


  40. harsh Says:

    My mother has Interstitial lung disease. How can i attend your next shivir for distance healing? I am requesting you please describe me all things

  41. Anjali Says:

    I had an very unique experience with shivyog. After doing shivyog shivir the only benefit i had is i could see some of my relevant past lives. Other experience is my energy got disturbed after doing Pran Viday Shivir with Ishan Shivanand. I started having many health aliments which i never had in my life. I suffered a lot. subsequently when i tried to know why i suffered like this i found many people who have done shivyog has suffered like me. Nothing new about it. Even I could not speak about my story for years to others. Well I would like to know from shivyog guys, why our sages have said that there is a need of years of preparation before even trying to aweken kundalini. Are there any sense in their saying. Is shaktipat suitable for every one ? I have seen many shivyogis around me and there life has not changed a little even after years of sadhana and after spending so much money on shivyog shivirs. Well Sri mata Nirmala devi did same thing of shaktipat, every one knows her consequences.

    • brahmalok Says:

      Hi Anjali,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. You see there are both sides to a coin. Some people report great miraculous results after doing sadhana and some bad and some worst. All I can say is that like during “Samudra Manthan”, Hala-hal Vish(poison) came out first and as Babaji always says, as a sadhak starts his spiritual journey, unwinding what he/she has sanchit, first Tamo gunas come out in a hurry, then Rajo and then Sato gunas after which you are empty and experience the Nirgun state. Similarly mayb in your case, all the negativities are coming out first. My suggestion is, do not pay attention to them and continue having faith on Babaji and let whatever come out come out. Good it is coming out this way else dunno how many janams you might had to suffer. Have a state of witness and if it get powerful, just say to yourself “Even this will pass”. You urself will find that indeed it goes away. I know its easier said then done but faith on Guru is the only way to take you across bhav sagar so try it for 21 days with full faith and see the difference.

      Namah Shivay.

  42. diliiep Says:

    Thank you for giving such precious knowledge… Namah Shivay.

  43. Bhavna Says:

    Hello, im Bhavna, the best thing i learn from this world is Shivyog, however, i find myself stuck as i not getting a good job and still single at 27yrs old. I wont say im unhappy but i would like to find a way to progress in life. I’m grateful to you all, please bless me and guide me. Thank you Shivyog

  44. bhanu Says:

    Plz heal me I have severe pain in my lower abdomen Dr told me that it is non curable disease. Plz heal me namahshivay

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