Guru Poornima 2015 message from Babaji



The Himalayan Yogi emphasises on twin levels of happiness – personal & familial, says outer happiness a foundation stone for inner bliss

The Master utilises the occasion to announce the beginning of entrusting the Siddha lineage over to Ishan ji, informs he has begun training the young spiritualist for being the future hupholder of Shiv Yog wisdom

Ishan ji delivers debut Guru Purnima sermon, tickles the funny bone, states amazing coffee analogy to explain.

Divine Summary of the event

Namah shivay! In the wee hours of Saturday morning in Asia, Baba ji delivered 2 hours of pure profundity. The thing with Baba ji is that he has a thousand ways of telling the same thing, every subsequent time more beautifully. He is the Guru charming, Lord Shiva in fluidity. He sung Hare Rama, Hare Krishna to begin the proceedings of the most significant event in the spiritual calendar of a disciple.

This time, he lent a great degree of importance to his catchphrase – ‘Tum chahtey kya ho’, urging all seekers to understand that it is happiness which is the inspiration behind all that we yearn for. He said that if you are compromising happiness for any pursuit in your life, better think of doing something which gives you joy, contentment and fulfilment.

He termed Guru as an element, a powerhouse, a state of being beyond the measurable and explained how Guru is the source of creation and that surrender to him brings to fruition all that is desired.

He cited 2 related markers of success, first being personal happiness, the second being the happiness which we can give to our families as karmic responsibilities to raise the happiness index. “Measure success by finding out your happiness index, not by how many books, degrees & scriptures you have studied. You see for yourself. A wife is seeking love and recognition from her husband, a son/daughter from his/her parents & like that for all relationships. They are actually seeking happiness. Activate god within & you will receive the joy you are seeking outside. Create the state of bliss rather than searching for it,” he added.

Baba ji spoke at length on “dharma” or one’s duty, invoking Lord Shiva, describing his roles, seen as five dharmas or krityas of Shiva – creation through Brahma, sustenance through Narayna, destruction through Rudra, salvation through Guru & ascension through Paratpar Shiva. He said that despite God being omnipresent, there is no peace because we are unable to harness the shower of grace. “He is speaking but we are not ready to listen. We have to raise our frequency of vibration to God frequency to tap that flow,” he said adding that when a seeker develops the hunger to seek the infinite, thereupon enters Shiva as Guru in a physical body in lifting the seeker, imparting him wisdom & raising his consciousness.

He attributed the rising incidence of depression in the contemporary times to spiritual forgetfulness, the increasing drift from the soul & the onset of technological slavery.

Consequently he outlined the Dharma of Shiv Yog as

1) Providing empowerment to the field of agriculture for production of cosmically charged organic food, perfectly compatible with human body free from genetic tampering & chemical contamination.

2) Ensuring ecological balance & species conservation.

3) Imparting the knowledge of leading an integrative Shiv Yog lifestyle for activating the infinite hidden to heal oneself & claim perfect health as birthright.

4) Awaken the consciousness of seekers so that they can resolve all their unresolved issues & decontaminate their inner self by releasing grudges & establishing divinity within.

Baba ji also discussed the role of Guru as a giver & that of the seeker as a lucky receiver & make his life 200% successful.

The Enlightened One stressed on the real power of every human being which is unconditional love, saying that criticism, power display, finding faults and the like are weaknesses which debilitate the inner self.

Baba ji gave the easiest way to self realization as:, “Only remember love. To do that, forget & forgive your past. Let go of the emotional scars, grudges & deep rooted issues by dropping them from active thinking & meditating to trash them outright. Drop the past theories & then only you shall find your true self.”

Before urging Ishan ji to rise to the occasion & take the reigns of the Siddha lineage, Baba ji talked about responsibilities towards one’s own self, among them being attaining wisdom, renouncing the vices, meditation to accomplish power & penance for the atonement of one’s sins.

All in all, a fantastic programme. Even as India was sleeping, a strong spine of wakefulness was there in its sleep as all those connected with their Guru will realise.

Courtesy: Shivyog Foundation on Facebook.


3 Responses to “Guru Poornima 2015 message from Babaji”

  1. vinita ranghera Says:

    Dhanyawadam dhanyawadam dhanyawadam hamary pyary pyary guruji


  2. narender Says:

    Thank you babaji

    namah shivay

  3. ritu sharma Says:

    Namah Shivay
    Baba please remove my doubts on deity worship. I have been serving Lord Jagannath past 10 years. But past few months am not regular and do not feel like. Instead just meditate after receiving your grace n blessings. What should I do now. Please guide me
    Much Love

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