Siddhas say…

You identify yourself with your actions forgetting your true nature, that is why you are suffering. Swami Rama.

Siddhas say…

“Dusve ko hi Dekhna, nau ko mat dekhna” – Avadhoot Baba Shivanand.

This refers to the recently concluded Shivyog Prati Prasav Shivir Nov 09, where in Babaji told that we are like the 10 Idiots who after crossing the river, thought to count themselves inorder to ensure that all have reached this side safely. Thus each one counted till 9 and forgot to count himself. And started Grieving about loosing one fellow. A wise man watching this stupidty, volunteered to count them and asked them to stand in a row and counted 1,2,3….and 10. All the idiots started thanking God that their fears were proven wrong and all were alive and safe.

We too in our life keep blaming others, start judging others and based on what others do, we cry and hate each one, but no one sees himself. Babaji very beautifully, in this shivir, mentioned the above quote ki Dasve ko hi dekhna(i.e yourself) – Aap ko Dhyao, Aap ko Bajo, Aap mein aap ke Ram aap ho kar rehate hai.

Never judge anyone. Be content with yourself(The 10th Guy who everyone missed and grieved about).

Siddhas say…

“Sab Kuch tera ‘Bhav Re’” – Baba Nityanand (Guru of my Guru Avadhoot Baba Shivanand).

Recently concluded Rishikesh Prati Prasav Shivir November 2009 was based largely on this one single statement. Babaji in this Shivir explained how the whole universe is manifested and how everything we experience in our life is based on our ‘Bhav’ (intention/feeling/emotions). Try meditating on this one statement and see how powerful even simple one liners from Siddhas have the gist of all the Holy books and scriptures put together.

Prati Prasav is to re-experience our Past Life emotions in order to release those psychic impressions we have ignorantly filled our being thereby releasing the unwanted Karmas. I will post more about my experience from the Shivir.