Tum chahate kya ho?-The Art of Manifestation

Tum Chahate kya ho, jo chate ho, wohi sochna, wohi milenga. (What do you want?, think only that, you get what you think.) – Avadhoot Baba Shivanandji

This is plain and simple way of saying an otherwise (seemingly)complex topic of Manifestation. Siddhas all across of the world have been known to Manifest objects out of thin air or have made them to disappear as the case may be because of one important quality – Dharana Shakti(Power of Will/Intention/Focus).

Babaji often says in all his shivirs that “You are that light, you are the Divinity, you are the light, this is what you have forgotten. I have come here to remind you, that you are Infinite, you are Sat Chit Anand, you are the Highest level of Bliss, you are the Infinite power,you are the creator of your own Destiny.”.

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