Siddhas say…

He that is in man is the same as He that is in the Sun – Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi

Shivyog Mahashivratri 2013 announcement

Namah shivay. That Baba ji is Lord Shiva’s emissary is a widely known & realised fact. And so it follows from this that physically, if one were to be nearest to Shiva while being in someone’s company, the company has to be that of Avdhoot Baba Shivanand ji. Mahashivratri thus couldnt get better than this year with all sadhaks being offered the opportunity to be with one of Lord Shiva’s ambassadors. Baba ji is holding ‘Rhythm of the Universe’ shivir at Nagpur which will obviously delight the sadhaks of Nagpur. But the reason why every one else too should rejoice is that the shivir will be webcast live at AND a recorded telecast of it will be aired on Aastha channel from 10:00pm IST ie on 11th March. Please pass this pleasing news to all. Namah shivay