Looking for Best KDE based Linux OS

Its again that time of my life when I go Operating System(OS) shopping. Having worked on practically all major and minor OSes from Dos* to Windows * to Linux (Redhat, *Ubuntu, etc) to FreeBSD to Solaris to AIX to Novell etc etc, I have now kind of outgrown my current Kubuntu Linux OS and want something new to lay my hands on. So what exactly am I looking for?

Must haves:

1. KDE Based: This distro MUST BE a KDE based distro unlike my current one which is primarily a Gnome based distro with a KDE base also put in just in case for those not wanting Gnome. As a result 100% love and efforts go into Ubuntu and Kubuntu hardly gets any care and not as much as polish as Ubuntu gets. I don’t like my Distro of choice to be treated like a Step-child thus I want it to be a 100% KDE based and KDE optimized/polished/well developed one.

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Akonadi Error Solved!

As posted in Installed Karmic post I was facing an Akonadi error on startup for some weird reason. Dunno since when it surfaced(from jaunty, intrepid or even previous releases too). Anyways I installed the new KDE SC 4.4 (This one rocks. ALL must install KDE SC 4.4 if you want to use a desktop as it should be. Period.) and the Akonadi error hasn’t gone yet. So a quick search on google led me to Curtis Farnham‘s site and saw he too was facing the same problem. I tried following his advice of moving mysql-global.conf but with no success although I haven’t used Akonadi or any Akonadi dependent apps(KMail, Kontact, etc) as yet. Read on…

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