Connecting Nokia Phone via Virtualbox running Windows 7 guest

As you know(See Quick Updates), I have installed Windows 7 in my Virtualbox on my Chakra ArchLinux box. I did this because I did not want to reboot my machine just to install stuff on mobile or to do some Windows specific stuff. Of course Wine is an option but not for complex stuff like running Nokia PC Suite or say running iTunes or maybe some more complex stuff requiring windows kernel drivers etc. So the best alternative I had was to install Win7 on my Virtualbox setup. Here is the teaser screenshot first 🙂

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Finally I choose my Best Linux KDE Distribution!!

It is just 2 days with my new KDE only Linux distro and I am not sure if it is indeed ‘The Best KDE Based Linux Distro’ as I wanted but let me be positive as zealots claim it to be. So roll the drums coz I went in for –Chakra Arch Linux.

As mentioned in my “Quick Updates” (on right hand side column of the blog), I choose to go with Chakra/Arch Linux. I am happy to report that ALL of my Must Haves are fulfilled(to a large extent). Although I would have loved to go with sidux for it being based on Debian and thus supposedly much more stable/support/packages, but I just cannot stand the contradiction that it being a Rolling Release and thus bleeding edge and not supporting Latest KDE release. Feeling sad for its users not being able to enjoy KDE 4.4.1 as on this writing.  If comparatively smaller teams like Chakra/Arch/Kubuntu can do it, I see no reason a relatively larger team of Debian/sidux cannot. Left with no better alternative, I will have to learn new style of working so bye bye Debian.

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Looking for Best KDE based Linux OS

Its again that time of my life when I go Operating System(OS) shopping. Having worked on practically all major and minor OSes from Dos* to Windows * to Linux (Redhat, *Ubuntu, etc) to FreeBSD to Solaris to AIX to Novell etc etc, I have now kind of outgrown my current Kubuntu Linux OS and want something new to lay my hands on. So what exactly am I looking for?

Must haves:

1. KDE Based: This distro MUST BE a KDE based distro unlike my current one which is primarily a Gnome based distro with a KDE base also put in just in case for those not wanting Gnome. As a result 100% love and efforts go into Ubuntu and Kubuntu hardly gets any care and not as much as polish as Ubuntu gets. I don’t like my Distro of choice to be treated like a Step-child thus I want it to be a 100% KDE based and KDE optimized/polished/well developed one.

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Akonadi Error Solved!

As posted in Installed Karmic post I was facing an Akonadi error on startup for some weird reason. Dunno since when it surfaced(from jaunty, intrepid or even previous releases too). Anyways I installed the new KDE SC 4.4 (This one rocks. ALL must install KDE SC 4.4 if you want to use a desktop as it should be. Period.) and the Akonadi error hasn’t gone yet. So a quick search on google led me to Curtis Farnham‘s site and saw he too was facing the same problem. I tried following his advice of moving mysql-global.conf but with no success although I haven’t used Akonadi or any Akonadi dependent apps(KMail, Kontact, etc) as yet. Read on…

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Finally upgraded to Kubuntu Karmic 9.10!!

Finally on 31/10/2009, I updated my machine to Kubuntu Karmic 9.10!! Was very nervous as not very good or clear cut reviews were available for me to decide if I should upgrade or not but took the Plunge.

This release fixes some old bugs and gives birth to few new ones. I did not have Desktop Effects using OpenGL working in Jaunty(may be previous releases as well), now it works perfectly with absolutely no Desktop Freezeing!!. So I have very fast Desktop with beautiful effects such as Cube based Desktop rollover, Windows Minimize and Maximize, Crumble Window to pieces when I close it and many more effects active and still having a very fast Desktop. Hurray and Thanks to whosoever fixed this annoying issue. I had to rely on XRender previously to have a usable but slightly slow Desktop even though I use Core2Duo Intel machine.

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