Shivyog Online Sadhak Registration

|| Namah Shivay ||
ShivYog Online Portal has arrived!

ShivYog launches the online profile registration system for all our ShivYog sadhaks across the world.

Its the time to say goodbye to all traditional methods of applying for ShivYog events via paper forms etc.

The so-called ShivYog Portal, is a place for all ShivYog sadhaks to register their profile and apply for events online in a couple of mouse clicks.ShivYog portal, a complete web application in itself, has the ability to maintain a complete profile of a sadhak. All information from Basic to advanced, family, profession, spiritual journey, aspects of life etc, can be now provided and maintained by a sadhak easily via this unique one of a kind portal.

Once the basic profile is complete, sadhak can apply for an event from the comfort of his home.

More the completeness of profile, more will the sadhak be privileged for –
• Higher sadhnas
• Organizing a ShivYog event
• Doing Seva in ShivYog events
• Organizing ShivYog seva projects

This is the first step towards centralization and for bringing convenience to all sadhaks. We remain ever grateful to Babaji’s blessings and hard work of the web team toiling for months to get this in place.

Remember, this is just a beginning. Wide range of features will be available in ShivYog portal in upcoming months.

Access the ShivYog Portal at

Spread the word happily to all sadhaks.

Portal link will soon appear on all ShivYog websites and social media.

|| Namah Shivay ||

40 Responses to “Shivyog Online Sadhak Registration”






  2. Ramnath Khakale Says:

    Please give the details of registration. Regards. R.G.Khakale

  3. anand pashiney Says:

    Asolutely wonderful Infant thanks…we have booked the Ahmedabad Shivir thru this once again Thanks 🙂

  4. sita sampson Says:

    Waiting on to learn more about shiv yogg.

  5. Pradeep Soni Says:

    Jyot se jyot jagaao sadguru

  6. sanjit mishra Says:

    namah shivaya

  7. anjali agrawal Says:

    Har hal me kushi

  8. vijay Says:

    Very good work.

  9. hridesh gupta Says:

    It is very good work under the guidence of babaji & whole technical team is congratulated for it ‘ namah shivaya , lot of ——- thanks babaji.

  10. Pardeep Sharma Says:

    jot jot jagate CHLO namahashivaye

  11. Jit Says:

    There less hope in medical science. Please help me.

  12. Meena sata Says:

    Jot se jot jagate chalo Namah shivay

  13. manish manohar dhote Says:

    i wanto to be a sadhak

  14. Jit Says:

    Any shiv yogi can help me. I am in a acute condition. Please help as there is no hope in medical science. Please help me baba or any sadhak.

  15. Suraj Bode Says:

    Namah Shivay Babaji & Gurumaa.
    Namah Shivay Ishaan Bhaiya & Didi.

    Another wonderful creation of our Param Pujya Babaji to get connected always.

    I am greatful to you my Babaji and our entire creation team.

    Namah Shivay

  16. Mahesh Papadkar Says:

    Very much appreciated

  17. harivadan jani Says:

    namah shivay Babaji and Gurumaa
    namah shivay Ishaanbaba and didi.
    i attend prati prasav shivir at ontario this was my first shivir i feel very good .i learned so much beyoud my

  18. MOHAN Says:

    Namh Shivay
    I have attended Gurgaoun shivir in 2013 nov, shivyog sadhana lavel1
    Feel very good ,and hope i will attend higher level ………..Om Namh shivay

  19. Thakkar Sejal Ben Jayanatibhai Says:

    I have some big reasons n I don’t come in Baroda shivir n I have cancelled my Baroda shivir but I don’t know how can get my refund fees n I have call Delhi shivyog center n she said aap apna address or name bhej do par we mail address does not exist bata rata he how can I get my refund please tell me

  20. Rita sinha Says:

    Fantastic grateful to babaji

  21. Rajpal singh sy44669 Says:

    Namah shivya

  22. Shilpa sharma Says:

    Just attended prati prasav3 n it was a wonderful experience

  23. SHAM SUNDER DHAWAN SY 49142 Says:


  24. shilpi saxena Says:

    namah shivay guruji guru maa

  25. sandeep madhusudan khanolkar Says:

    Please can i retrieve my registration ID ( SY …). I have misplaced my ID number and require the same to join the forum & attend events. I am a shivyogi for the last 6 years. My name is Sandeep Madusudan Khanolkar.

    • brahmalok Says:

      Probably you can try to see if something is available on the site to search OR if you have the id in some sms, whatsapp, photocopy of the form you might have filled else try contacting the ashram for assistance.

      Namah Shivay

  26. Beas Dev Chhabra Says:

    Well millions of sadhaks will look forward

  27. Dr Jasmine Gopal Bhutada Says:

    It is really great to join the shiv yog… Babaji bless me.. Namah Shivay

  28. vipin kumar singh Says:

    plz give me tickets of malad shivir in Nov ,,,I m handicapped so I want first time to join

    • brahmalok Says:

      To attend, you need(or get someone on your behalf) to register for you and pay money either online or via Bank DD(if allowed). Pray to Babaji and you will be there in November.

      Namah Shivay

  29. Mahendra singh Gehlot palasiya teh dalauda dist Mandsaur M.p. Says:

    It is very nice way to join shivyog shivir so that we can get good achievement in our life.

  30. Milan Says:

    Very very nice arrangements from Baba ji.Thanks .I want to work in Kishan sivir.

  31. Pravina lad Says:

    Namaste baba ji love you muje apke bareme kuch pata nahi lekin me aapka program you tube pe roj dekhati Hu muje bhahut cha lagta he Thank you so mach.Namaste Jay guru dev.

  32. Rajesh kumar mishra Says:

    I want to get regitered in shivyog (online)..please intimte full process.iam an acute patient of multiple sclerosis,unable to sit ,stand and walk,even problem in line down.i want hepl from baba ji or ishanshivaandn ji as medical science as detoriated my condition.
    Rajesh kumar mishra

    • brahmalok Says:

      You can follow the given process or call up on Ashram numbers and get more info as the process might have changed by now.
      Namah Shivay

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