Year 2012 is coming…

Yes we all know that for certain, but this is also the name of an upcoming movie on Year 2012 phenomenon. People are expecting something grave to happen on 21st December 2012. But what exactly is going to happen? 3rd World war, Polar Reversal,Earthquakes, Volcanos erupting in cities, Tsunami, Epidemic never seen before or may be all of these together!.

Well this is what directors/producers of the upcoming movie 2012 has tried to project via their movie on the subject. Lets start with some movie trailor captures.

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Cerebral/Cerebellum Limbic System and Universal Consciousness

Had a early morning learning/vision today that “Cerebral limbic” systems are our connection to the Universal Consciousness/Intelligence. Need to meditate more on this to learn more.

This message came to me from deep subconscious mind which never lies and knows everything. This is the part of mind that created you and the whole universe, your conditions, your body, thoughts etc.

Interesting, since it came when I was in semi-deep sleep state, I don’t remember perfectly if the voice told me to investigate Cerebral or Cerebellum – limbic system to learn more about Universal Consciousness and humans but nevertheless, it was a good thought that came as input from the unseen world :)Dunno how true or untrue this is but I have observed that in the long run, such messages are very true. I remember reading/hearing somewhere from some Guru that when we sleep, we all travel to the astral world where we also go to various ashrams and get learning from Gurus there. Maybe my teacher in the astral world gave me some Home work to investigate today on this topic 🙂

Hmmmm cerebral/cerebellum limbic system….off to medical dictionary.