The Infallible Law of Karma

The Law of Karma as most scriptures say is certain and no one can change what is Destined.

Why do we experience pleasure or pain? Once we know the cause, we could take appropriate action, either to overcome pain or prolong pleasure. The Law of Karma basically tells us that pain and pleasure are on account of prarabdha karma phalas-the fruit of past actions.

There are three kinds of karma. Sanchita or accumulated karma is the sum of all the total fruits, good and bad, obtained during past births. We may find a person who does not care for others and yet living a good life; the present situation that he seems to be enjoying could be for the good deeds done in his past life. If he is troubling his fellow beings in this life he is sure to live a miserable life in his future birth. This is how karma works.

Prarabdha karmas are a part of the sanchita karma allotted to us which influences our life in the present incarnation. It cannot be avoided. It is exhausted only by being experienced. And most important is that even Providence has no powers to change what has been allotted, just as a shooter has no control over the arrow that has left his bow.

Agami karmas arise from deeds that would be performed during the course of this lifetime by an individual, be it good or bad deeds or a mix of both. Remember that the rewards of this are added to the sanchita karma and therefore increase its volume.

There is a small story which emphasises that prarabdha karma is inevitable:

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Year 2012 effects have started…

As mentioned by various Siddhas including Babaji the effects of Year 2012 have started to take place. The imminent shakeout has been happening since year 2004 when the Indonesia Tsunami took place where by killing nearly 230,000 people in fourteen countries esp the coastal regions or Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Actually since Year 2000.

As Babaji has mentioned frequently in his Shivirs that this was going to start in Year 2000 but the Siddha’s out of compassion wanted to give more time to people who were drenched in the unreal, false ego and materialism and wanted to raise their consciousness. Earth had already started to move into the darker regions of the Universe but the Holy Siddhas formed the Divine SriChakra all over the earth incl. in the Astral planes focusing strong Positive energy generated by the Sri Chakra and thus brought the earth back from total devastation thereby delaying the inevitable.

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Who is Karta – 2

Continuing from Part 1, I thought more about this and putting here my understanding before I forget. This blog is helping me put my thoughts so that I can

1. See my thoughts in various timelines.

2. Refer to what my thought process/spiritual progress was at a given point of time.

3. If I had some wrong notion about something, I can come back to it later and see it for myself what it was.

So let me continue.

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Who is Karta? – 1

I was brooding on this topic with more fervour today as this question hits us on more than one occasion in our life. First of all just for the record what, why, how this question came up.

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Thoughts on Karma 1

I will be posting a series on various Theories primarily Karma and seeing if it has the answers as to why things are/happen the way they are/happen.

Was just thinking about why things are the way they are. For instance why is it that someone who is outrageous or bad is still enjoying and one who is good is suffering.

For centuries people have tried to answer this question in different ways and have given different names to it, Luck, Karma, “jo boo ge, wahi pao ge” (As you Sow, So shall you reap), Level of Consciousness, Yugas and their effect on us, Planets, Doshas etc. All these are theories and in India, the Theory of Karma(Cause and Effect) is very prevalent. Sometime ago(few years), I observed this and formed one very strong opinion/observation.

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