Siddhas say…

Q: In what sense is happiness or bliss (ananda) our real nature?

A: Perfect bliss is Brahman. Perfect peace is of the Self. That alone exists and is consciousness. That which is called happiness is only the nature of Self; Self is not other than perfect happiness. That which is called happiness alone exists. Knowing that fact and abiding in the state of Self, enjoy bliss eternally. -Ramana Maharishi

Audio of Exclusive Shivyog Telecast 12-15 July 2010

Find below the audio links to the Exclusive Telecast of Shivyog Shivir on 12-15 July 2010 between 3 to 6 pm on Aastha Channel.This is for the benefit of those who could not watch Babaji’s program then.

Many Thanks to Saurabh for recording and posting them.

Namah Shivay.

Important takeaways from Crystal Healing Shivir

Attended Crystal Healing shivir in New Delhi,  2-4 July 2010 along with my dear Sadhak friends. We stayed at Preksha Dhyan Kendra and after a lot of uneven journey thru the hot Delhi environment eventually reached there @5 pm(was scheduled to reach by 3pm). We were greeted with rude receptionist and bad rooms but that did not deter us from the excitement of seeing Babaji post the last Rishikesh shivir so after a quick bath went down to head towards F&B Farms, the shivir location, to collect our Passes when Bhole Baba showered his blessings in the form of strong rains as if telling us, “Relax you need not go there today after this long and tiring journey, go tommorow”. So we obliged and stayed back. The Preksha guys were refusing even food to all the people who had come there and so we had to arrange food for ourselves in this new and unknown city. Although we were unhappy with the turn of events, we later realized how important that was as Preksha serves Non-(garlic,onion,potato etc) food only as it is a Jain oriented centre and from my experience of last rishikesh shivir where Vanprasth ashram also forbids cooking and serving food with the above ingredients, Baba knew we would not be happy with such food and he automatically created this artificial scarcity and so we had food(delicious) out in the hotels and relished it. Thank you Babaji to caring for our stomachs too :).

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