Shivyog Sarp Kriya Videos

File 4 can now be downloaded from the same location!!

Finally here’s the Sarp Kriya Video which was recorded by Babaji long time ago.

Chin Mudra

Sarp Kriya is a very ancient method of rejuvenating the body, mind and soul by following very simple exercises. Doing so increases the longetivity of a person. The Indian Siddhars have practiced this kriya for thousands of years and no wonder we have Siddhas whose age is like 200, 500, etc years living even today.

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Healing and Karmic Interference

Many Sadhaks have queries reg. Healing and Karmic Interference. Many have also asked me umpteen number of times if healing someone amounts to Karmic Interference. Babaji has always stressed the importance of Healing others as the best form of Nishkam Seva. If you are a Shivyog Sadhak wanting to do Nishkam Seva or want healing, see Post Want Shivyog Healing?

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Shivyog Kriyas and Pranayamas

Presenting here a consolidation of all Shivyog Kriya’s taught by Babaji in his Advance Shivyog and sometimes even in normal Shivyog Shivirs. These are recommended to be done by everyone who wants 100% healthy body, mind and soul. These are kriya’s taught to Babaji some by yogi’s and some by very advance Siddha’s passed on to us by his holy grace.

Babaji demonstrating some kriyas

As Babaji always says that by doing this daily in the morning, a person can completely rejuvenate his body cells and heal any part of his body, not to mention the opening and activation of various granthi’s and chakra cleansing. Few Sadhanas are very secret and to be done only if you are a Shivyogi.

These Kriyas and Pranayamas are based on Babaji’s “Suskshma kriya” & Sarpa Yog Videos and what was taught at the Prati Prasav Sadhana in Rishikesh Nov 2009

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Siddhas say…

Great Masters had/have all the Powers yet they always say that “Its not me, it is God who has done this”. Why did they say that? It is done through them then why did they say that?
Because if they say that it is done by me, it will feed their ego. The greatest of all barriers to the path of Enlightenment is – Ego.
Swami Rama.