New Shivyog Events site

Namah Shivay

As most of you awaiting opportunity to be blessed by Babaji or Ishan Bhaiya and visiting Shivyog’s official site to know details of next shivirs must have noticed a non-operational event’s page on that site. This was because we are being blessed by a completely new official event’s site to keep track of the same. The new site is now operational at

Namah Shivay

6 Responses to “New Shivyog Events site”

  1. arendra prasad Says:

    namahshivay.baba G kecharno me kotikoti pranam.please kuch kam kijiye fees as 3000 to 4000Rs.for kolkata 2015 jan.sivir ke liye.bcause bahut se garib sadhak apke pass ja sake,kyouki ve log effort nahi kar sakte,thankingyou

    • Nabanita sahu Says:

      Namah shivay.I also request babaji plz reduce the fees for all shivir so that many people can attend the shivir and get babaji’s grace.

  2. archy Says:

    In my opinion any spiritual sadhna has to be free of cost for all meditators. Yes, I would suggest to ask for donation. I am watching Baba ji’s video and I am not only impressed but mesmerized by his knowledge of the infinite. I am pretty sure that my message has been delivered to Baba and ji and He would do something about this fees matter.

  3. and Says:

    Guru purnima ke pawan din me babaji guruma or samasth shivyog pariwar ko koti koti naman

  4. meena Says:

    namah shivay babaji/guruma sahi bat hai aapki har sibir or workshop ki fees jyada hone ki vajah se bahot se logoka man hone ke bavjud shivyog nahi aa pate hai to pl. aap es ka rarta nikale babaji

  5. shilpi saxena Says:

    namah shivay guruji & guru maa . I accept a happy life , I accept abundance & prosperous ,wealthy life , I accept 200 % babaji’s all shivirs . I am very graceful , thankful babaji guru maa that I blessed by u. thanku for being my guru . I m favourite babaji & guru maa……………..Guruji’s daughter , student–shilpi saxena,lucknow

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