Power of Consciousness

Consciousness and wealth- spiritual & material are not just related but rather interwoven as one flowing energy field. When there is peace and harmony, abundance of all good things flow naturally- not just for individuals but also for whole nations.

There has been so much global dynamics springing from the colosal debts USA has and the global politics of economics that shape this.The debt is $14.6 trillion and climbing. That is roughly $47000 debt for every US citizen.

Is there a need to be worried? What will happen next to the nation, the global economics and our own individual reality? What will happen if a rogue nation like China armed with economic strength gains the upper hand to threaten our individual freedom?

These questions and thoughts can be brought to the right perspective if we can understand consciousness to be the wealth that will always gain precedence over any temporary upheavals.

If we can gain insights into the history of consciousness, we know we will not fail. We are consciousness that is victorious. Always!

India had been an economic super power for over 2000 years of history prior to being colonized by the British

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Siddhas say…

133. As for the well-known example of the hallucination of a snake in a coil of rope the rope is real and the snake is unreal.

134-135. “Even after the true state of affairs is known and the hallucination of a snake dismissed, there is still the reality of the rope (which contains the potentiality of the recurrence of the same hallucination in the same person or in others). The danger is always there until the rope is recognised to be of and in the Self.
136. “Then objectivity totally ceases, and pure knowledge alone remains. There is thus a complete annihilation of duality.
137. “The sense of duality persists because there is the conviction of the purposefulness of the objective world. But such purposefulness and even durability is experienced even in dreams. – Tripura Rahasya