Recipe for Sanjeevani Churan

For detoxification divya sanjeevani churna is used. The following is the method to prepare it. You need:

100 grams dried tulsi ( shama preferred)
100 grams of bilva patra dried
100 grams pudina dried
100 grams haldi ( home made , not ready made)
100 grams of Arjun chal ( bark of arjun tree)
100 grams of dried Amla
100 gm neem leaves (dry)

Powder all of them and take two heaped teaspoons with say 50ml of water first thing in the morning and last thing in the night before retiring. This will completely cleanse and detoxify the body and all the nadis.

Finally I choose my Best Linux KDE Distribution!!

It is just 2 days with my new KDE only Linux distro and I am not sure if it is indeed ‘The Best KDE Based Linux Distro’ as I wanted but let me be positive as zealots claim it to be. So roll the drums coz I went in for –Chakra Arch Linux.

As mentioned in my “Quick Updates” (on right hand side column of the blog), I choose to go with Chakra/Arch Linux. I am happy to report that ALL of my Must Haves are fulfilled(to a large extent). Although I would have loved to go with sidux for it being based on Debian and thus supposedly much more stable/support/packages, but I just cannot stand the contradiction that it being a Rolling Release and thus bleeding edge and not supporting Latest KDE release. Feeling sad for its users not being able to enjoy KDE 4.4.1 as on this writing.  If comparatively smaller teams like Chakra/Arch/Kubuntu can do it, I see no reason a relatively larger team of Debian/sidux cannot. Left with no better alternative, I will have to learn new style of working so bye bye Debian.

Coming to my review of Chakra, well it is just 2 days now and all I can say is that new users must stay out of it. It is only today(after Read the rest of this entry »