Deep Meditation experience-The state of Sat Chit Anand

Today, I sat to connect to Babaji. I meditated that I am sitting at the Holy feet of Babaji who is already engrossed in a state of Samadhi on his usual Red sofa we see in shivirs. I prayed to Babaji to give me his state of consciousness and immediately my vibrations started to rise when after some time(there was nothing like time there but just due to lack of a better word using the word ‘Time’), I was in a state of total Silence.

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Siddhas say…

“Be Still and know that I am God”Bible

Babaji often mentions in his Shivirs to connect to Silence and know the Truth. That is what the above also says. See how each Siddha teach us the same basic truths that we, out of ignorance, fail to see and create divide.

Namah Shivay.

Siddhas say…

“The man without discrimination is like a frog in the well; just as the frog in the well does not know anything either of good or of bad and so dies in his ignorance in the well-itself, in the same way men, vainly born in Brahmanda, (Egg of Brahma (i.e., the Universe)) do not know either good or bad regarding themselves and are born only to die in ignorance. “Confounding dispassion (vairagya) with misery, and pleasures of the world with happiness (sukha), a man suffers in the cycle of births and deaths,powerful ignorance prevailing. – Tripura Rahasya, Chapter 2. verse 79-82.