Akonadi Error Solved!

As posted in Installed Karmic post I was facing an Akonadi error on startup for some weird reason. Dunno since when it surfaced(from jaunty, intrepid or even previous releases too). Anyways I installed the new KDE SC 4.4 (This one rocks. ALL must install KDE SC 4.4 if you want to use a desktop as it should be. Period.) and the Akonadi error hasn’t gone yet. So a quick search on google led me to Curtis Farnham‘s site and saw he too was facing the same problem. I tried following his advice of moving mysql-global.conf but with no success although I haven’t used Akonadi or any Akonadi dependent apps(KMail, Kontact, etc) as yet. Read on…

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Finally upgraded to Kubuntu Karmic 9.10!!

Finally on 31/10/2009, I updated my machine to Kubuntu Karmic 9.10!! Was very nervous as not very good or clear cut reviews were available for me to decide if I should upgrade or not but took the Plunge.

This release fixes some old bugs and gives birth to few new ones. I did not have Desktop Effects using OpenGL working in Jaunty(may be previous releases as well), now it works perfectly with absolutely no Desktop Freezeing!!. So I have very fast Desktop with beautiful effects such as Cube based Desktop rollover, Windows Minimize and Maximize, Crumble Window to pieces when I close it and many more effects active and still having a very fast Desktop. Hurray and Thanks to whosoever fixed this annoying issue. I had to rely on XRender previously to have a usable but slightly slow Desktop even though I use Core2Duo Intel machine.

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