Want Shivyog Healing?

Forgot to post this when in reality, this should have been among my earliest posts. Anyway, better late than never. If anyone wants to do Nishkam Seva of giving Healing or if anyone or anyone’s friend or relative needs healing, then you can send a healing request to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/shivyog_healing and subscribe there. Subscription is free and all you have to do is click on “Join this Group” button or alternatively just send an email to shivyog_healing-subscribe@yahoogroups.co.in and you are subscribed.

Then whenever you want healing, send your healing request to the group by sending an email to shivyog_healing@yahoogroups.com with all the necessary details about the person to be healed and the problem.

Hundreds of Shivyog Sadhaks are daily doing Nishkam Seva of Shivyog Healing and you too can do this seva if you are already a Shivyog Sadhak (Any level) or can get completely healed by receiving healing from them.

This group was formed primarily to be a single unified platform for ALL Shivyog sadhaks to do/get healing. This group has always been at the forefront of doing Nishkam seva be it healing people or places(like healing Mother Earth or recent swine flu affected cities) or situations (like recent drought in North India or floods in south India due to massive rains).

It is worth noting that Bhagwan MahaMrityunjay, All the Holy Siddhas and Babaji’s grace can be experienced in this group as the only Bhavna(feeling) on this group is to do Nishkam Seva of Healing and nothing else. Babaji has always advised Shivyog Sadhaks to never lose even a single opportunity to do Nishkam seva as doing Nishkam seva immediately burns all your Karmas.

Shivyog Healing group is an attempt to provide such an opportunity to all Shivyog Sadhaks across the world.

Namah Shivay.

3 Responses to “Want Shivyog Healing?”

  1. chandan nayyar Says:

    babaji i want ur blesings jab dhyan karti hun to darr lagta hai jaise koi khada hai samne aankhe khol leti hun ,jiske karan chahke bhi dyaan nahi ho pata akle main,aur koi (mummy)kamre main ho to hesitate hota hai dhyan nahin hota.babaji aap hi mehar karo, rah dikao.
    namah shivay

  2. rashmi metar Says:

    i have been suffering with backpain for 4 years. i m 24 years old was doing c.a. but because of backpain i had to leave my study and i have gone through many complicated treatments but in vain. please give me healing for my health and study.

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