Important takeaways from Crystal Healing Shivir

Attended Crystal Healing shivir in New Delhi,  2-4 July 2010 along with my dear Sadhak friends. We stayed at Preksha Dhyan Kendra and after a lot of uneven journey thru the hot Delhi environment eventually reached there @5 pm(was scheduled to reach by 3pm). We were greeted with rude receptionist and bad rooms but that did not deter us from the excitement of seeing Babaji post the last Rishikesh shivir so after a quick bath went down to head towards F&B Farms, the shivir location, to collect our Passes when Bhole Baba showered his blessings in the form of strong rains as if telling us, “Relax you need not go there today after this long and tiring journey, go tommorow”. So we obliged and stayed back. The Preksha guys were refusing even food to all the people who had come there and so we had to arrange food for ourselves in this new and unknown city. Although we were unhappy with the turn of events, we later realized how important that was as Preksha serves Non-(garlic,onion,potato etc) food only as it is a Jain oriented centre and from my experience of last rishikesh shivir where Vanprasth ashram also forbids cooking and serving food with the above ingredients, Baba knew we would not be happy with such food and he automatically created this artificial scarcity and so we had food(delicious) out in the hotels and relished it. Thank you Babaji to caring for our stomachs too :).

Ok so next day, went to F&B farms, no one had come, mgmt of shivir or so called “senior sadhaks” were no where to be found only few people had come till 7:30 pm when the shivir was supposed to start @8:00 am. I am used to the way Shivyog shivirs are organized and so was not complaining. In the meanwhile I got our passes easily, got to sit in a nice A/C hall(thank God for this in Hot Delhi summer) and that too on chairs(Sone pe Suhaga)and in some time had breakfast too. Then around 10:30-11:00 am, came my Babaji and he took us holding our little fingers into the world of Crystals and gave us the sacred and ancient science of Crystals which the Holy Siddhas and Superior beings had known for ages. Here are few points from the shivir that were worth noting:

1. Crystals are not just stones, but are actually beings as they too have consciousness just like us. But they lack body like us and are very very pure Consciousness.

2. Crystals although having consciousness, lack the Will of their own unlike Humans and thus act as per their surrounding or the person holding it.

3. Copper + Crystals are very powerful combination to attract Divine Energy into it.

4. When buying Crystals, always buy rough ones and if possible “Himalayan Crystals” as they have maximum Piezo Energy.

5. Himalayan Crystals are as hard as Diamonds.

6. The Art of using Crystals is very Ancient and was first used in Atlantis and Lemurian Civlizations who were masters of them and also lead to their destruction. Babaji narrated many stories about A/L civilizations and their use of crystals.

7. The Current Himalayans is the Atlantis land and was underneath the sea for millions of years before the axis shift of the earth raised it to where it is right now and thus the crystals found from the Himalayans, most of them are Atlantis ones. Babaji told us how during communication with them he discovered many of their secret and the work they were assigned to during those days. Fantastic stories.

8. 4 Types of Crystals are advised by Babaji to be helpful in Healing namely:

  1. Himalayan Quartz.
  2. Amethyst
  3. Rose Quartz
  4. Black Turmoline

9. Crystals due to lacking a will of their own, during Sadhana, if you ask the crystal to raise its vibrations, and when you end your sadhana, even though you come out of Sadhana and back to normal vibrations, the crystal will remain at those levels as it lacks its own will and so, crystals form excellent Meditation Partners or Spiritual Energy beamers into our house.

10. Never keep Crystals in closed places, plastic etc treat them as Human beings as they magnify the kind of energy given to them, any negative energy sent to Crystals, come back magnified. Choice is yours.

11. The Food for Crystals is Herbal Agarbattis also called “gugal” in Hindi. To cleanse the crystal keep it under natural water such as rain or flowing tap. And atleast once a week, give it gugal smoke. They love it and see how much positive energy they give back.

12. Crystals are extremely protective of their masters/handlers and will always take up the problem upon themselves and even crack sometimes but will save the Master/Handler/Owner of the crystal.

13. Some Crystals come for a purpose into your home and will automatically leave when their job is done.

Now for some non-crystal news:

14. Ishan bhaiya to get married on 6th August 2010. Greetings & Congrats to Ishan Bhaiya and Kavitaji.

15. Babaji hinted that he will be slowly withdrawing from taking Shivirs and all will now be managed by Ishanbhaiya, Gitanjali didi and maybe Guruma. He also hinted at taking MahaSamadhi in 2012. He mentioned to love Him as Shiva and not this Body and he will come only if you call him.

16. Crystals are very divine and pure souls. He mentioned the names of many crystals and many stories of his with crystals of his early days and also how you and crystals get attracted and how this shivir is an initiation into the mysterious world of crystals. Once you have crystals, and you do sadhana with them, more esoteric ones will come to you from mysterious sources.

All in all lot of learning, clearance of doubts, esoteric and subtle knowledge was gained. The Delhi trip was excellent and adventurous. I treasure how due to bad rooms, I and my friends slept on Terrace and  encountered rains on the last day of the shivir when we were deep in sleep @around 4am 🙂 Pure fun. Had to go back @2:30pm due to train bookings and so missed out on the last part.

If any Sadhak who can share notes of what babaji taught post 2:00 pm break on the last date, please share it with me via comments to this post. Aap ki yeh Nishkam Seva hogi.

Namah Shivay.

6 Responses to “Important takeaways from Crystal Healing Shivir”

  1. suresh Says:

    Where do we get pure crystal how to recognise it. Is there any special method to meditate on it.

    • brahmalok Says:

      You have to get it from authentic source. Himalayan crystals are best. No particular place where u will get original. If you have attended the Crystal Shivir then babaji taught how to meditate. I can’t disclose it otherwise.

      Namah Shivay.

      • jagjeet Says:

        and the 4 crystals that baba ji has mentioned , is it in the order of power/strength..
        i have just bought some amethyst and they are beautiful,,,,
        looking forward to getting some clusters now

        namah shivay

  2. jagjeet Says:

    namah shivay ,
    i am so happy to see a blog about the delhi crystal healing shivir and so can relate to what you have said…
    i have started practising the crystal healing art as taught by baba ji… will like to discuss more with you,,,

  3. Saili Santosh Khair Says:

    Namah Shivay Babaji. Thanks a lot for this valuable information. Keep me blessed always.

  4. Mahend Jhowry Says:

    Great insight on crystal healing
    Gratitude to Shivyog


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