Shivyog Kriyas and Pranayamas

Presenting here a consolidation of all Shivyog Kriya’s taught by Babaji in his Advance Shivyog and sometimes even in normal Shivyog Shivirs. These are recommended to be done by everyone who wants 100% healthy body, mind and soul. These are kriya’s taught to Babaji some by yogi’s and some by very advance Siddha’s passed on to us by his holy grace.

Babaji demonstrating some kriyas

As Babaji always says that by doing this daily in the morning, a person can completely rejuvenate his body cells and heal any part of his body, not to mention the opening and activation of various granthi’s and chakra cleansing. Few Sadhanas are very secret and to be done only if you are a Shivyogi.

These Kriyas and Pranayamas are based on Babaji’s “Suskshma kriya” & Sarpa Yog Videos and what was taught at the Prati Prasav Sadhana in Rishikesh Nov 2009


First activate Sanjeevani Shakti . Once Sanjeevani Shakti starts flowing this will make you feel much lighter as it will penetrate each cell.

1) Tap hard all over body with fingers
2) Sufi dance – go round with hands on top
3) Neck, Hip and Knee rotation
4) Japanese bow forward bend with hands outstretched and nama sivaya
5) Hands folded and bend back (Backward bend )
6) Stand on toes and stretch
7) Sit on horse & ride horse (very good for mooladhara activation an attracting wealth!!)
8. Sit ups – clench fist when inhaling and open hands when exhaling
9) Hands on shoulders and shoulder rotation after both shoulder rotation and one by one rotation.
10) Bend front and back up with inhalation/ exhalation
11) Bend forward and swing hands up and down (like dev anand)
12) Chair sit posture and move hands in circular motion ( clean the aura)
13) Stand with feet wide hands palm in front a little and rotate on both sides
14) Sideways bend
15) March like a baby crying for milk- first one leg and then another ; one hand & leg up and neck back on one side and then another. Do for 5 minutes
16) Repeat 1 & 2 above
17) Sit down in vajrasana – up and down on knees

18) Stand on knees in vajrasana and bend back with hands locked in front
19) Backward bend and lie in vajrasana
20) Rotate your eyes in circular motion. This will strengthen you eyes muscles providing you will good eyesight. Do Shambhavi Mudra in the end.

Shambhavi Mudra

SARPA KRIYAS – 3 variations (Note: Sarp Kriya videos will be up soon on this blog. Keep checking)
Lie on back ; bring leg close to body ; so knees will be up . Twist leg from left to right chanting Om slowly ; at the same time turn head to the right and vice verza ( 11 counts)
Variations are (i) right leg behind left leg with the right toe and second toe locked behind the left heel and vice verza and (ii) with legs slightly apart .
At the end of Sarpa kriya bring down both legs simultaneously down fast and exhale forcefully .

21) Lie on front and lift leg –one leg at a time the both simultaneously
22) Lie on front and Lift head and legs and touch ( try at atleast)
23) Lie of front side and then lift head and shoulders and back side ways spinal twist
24) Sit in Vajrasana and keep fists on Manipura on either side of stomach . Bend down and inhale as you go down
25) Sit in Vajrasasna and then bend down as in a baby pose

1) Deep breath in and out in siddhasan

Deep Breathing

2) Hands on lap breath in stomach out and chest in with sudden force breathe out and force shoulder back ( nama shivaya)
3) Straight hands inhale with hands brought in and exhale and let go with force through mouth

4) Kapalabathi ( Forceful exhalation)
(i) Left elbow on ground and right hand near ears and opp side
(ii)Deep breathing in and out ( hands to be brought in for breathing in and out in front for breathing out)
(iii)With right hand on left elbow and left hand behind and opposite side Deep Breath in , Hands on knees, and exhale forcefully making the sound HUM SA SA SA SA SA SA loudly till all air has been exhaled ( 5/6 times) with hands clasped on top
Deep Breath in , Hands on knees, and exhale forcefully making the sound HUM SA SA SA SA SA SA loudly till all air has been exhaled ( 5/6 times)
(iv) With back bend forward
Deep breathing in and out ( hands to be brought in for breathing in and out in front for breathing out)
(v) With both hands behind , neck back and supporting body
Deep breathing in and out ( hands to be brought in sideways for breathing in and sideways out for breathing out)

5) Twist at the hips and look behind and inhale on one side qand exhale on the other . Keep doing this fast for about 10 rounds.

6) Neck breathing force wind in through epiglottis ( neck region) and throw head back and then force wind down thru throat with head down ( 2 ROUNDS) .
After neck breathing , from the earth take hands up and breathe in and exhale and take hands down ; clean the aura in front of you with the earth energy

7) Alternate nostril breathing ( 2 rounds fast and 1 round slow) each round to be followed by 1 round of Bhastrika. Bhastrika is where you keep the hands near the shoulders as fists . Breath out , hands up palms open and facing outwards ; breathe in and hands down to the shoulders as fists. ( 50 times up and down is 1 round)
8. Elemental breathing (Slow inhalation through mouth visualise 5 bhootas coming in , exhale with force; hands out in front ) alternated with kurma breathing ( head up and breathe in through nose and head down breathe forcefully thru mouth; hands at the manipura chakra with left hand on top of the right hand) for 3 rounds . The back of the head should touch the top of the spine at the back and the chin should touch the top of the chest ( throat) while neck down. Put hands left first and right over it on manipura and bring chin to chest with inhalation thru nose and then bend neck back with exhalation through mouth . 3 rounds ; last round to be very slow

Panch Tattva Shuddhi Breathing exercise. Postive energy of 5 tattva's in, -ve out.

Kurma Kriya

9) Surya Shakthi – Inhale through the right nostril , chin down retain breath as much as you can , then exhale through the left nostril. 9 / 10 times
10) Bend forward and deep inhalation at varying speeds ; increasr speed and then reduce

( This can be followed by total relaxation followed by the meditation of the Guru as Jyoti entering your body and filling it up with light – as was done at the Rishi Kesh Shivir)

A couple of more visualization exercises done at Rishikesh Shivir are given below:

Visualization kriyas Done at Rishikesh
First total relaxation ,visualize the body see each part of the body see your home,open up your inner senses see feel touch smell and sense.. Do the exercise of visualising eg going home and seeing each room etc
Vizualization of mountains in detail
Followed by visualizing light merging in it and then that light in mooladahara
Kundalini Arohanam a few times in each chakra followed by visualising the lotus in each chakra and the root mantra in each chakra and the in the pineal after visualising the ajna in front and the two ears as the sides of the halll and the hypothalamus at the back. Om mantra to be chanted.

Kyu Babaji ko Dekhte hi Dhyan laga ki nahi? 🙂


First relax body deep breaths command the each part of the body to be quite and calm and then visualise light in third eye. Make it very bright now you can ask body to be calm and in Sat Chit Ananda .go over each part also practice seeing different things in third eye
next bhoota sudhi, feel body as air, body as earth heavy,body as water cool and wet,body as fire,body as ether,body as sat chit ananda.

If anyone recollects any Kriya I have missed out then kindly post as comment to this post. I will keep updating this post as I recollect more Kriyas.

Namah Shivay

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  1. nidhi agrawal Says:

    gr8 work done…!
    lot of blessings from babaji…namah shivay..!

  2. Narendra Acharya Says:

    Thank you!

  3. Gaurav Mathur Says:

    Thank you so so much for this….will be waiting for the sarp kriya video’s. 🙂

    Namah Shivay [:)]

  4. suresh gilda Says:

    Namaha Shivaya. I had attended Raipur shivir in Aug09. Ishan Bhaiya taken some of the above mentioned kriys in the name “Nector of Life”. I am practicing it daily and getting wonderful results. Some of the above mentioned kriys are new to me. By reading only heading it is not possible to practise it. I request you to please explain each kriya step by step in detail with special attention toword breathing. Or upload photos / video while doing kriys. You have done a wonderful job. God and babaji bless you.

  5. brahmalok Says:

    Firstly the effort is not mine but collective effort of Shivyog Sadhaks who put together them in one place. Ofcourse all effort belongs to the Siddhas and Babaji for discovering these secret practices and selflessly giving them to us.
    Secondly regarding the actual practices, as you have known them personally from Raipur shivir you can practice them only and get benefits. I do have videos for some and there is one Ishan Yog CD also available from Divine Shop that you can purchase from Babaji’s Shivir(Sorry I don’t have copy of that particular CD but you can contribute for release on this blog if you purchase and want it to be offered here for release).
    So I might release the other Kriya videos that I have but I don’t know which ones you haven’t followed and whether they are covered in them or no. Checkout Sarp Kriya Videos and few of the above kriyas are covered in them as well.

    Namah Shivay.

  6. Dev Vatsa Says:

    Hari OM namh Sivay…………………………………………

    Gr8 guruji i need Sambhavi Healing for that may i get MP3 of Ur SAmbhavi Prayer Please..


  7. Jay Lal Says:

    Namah Shivay,

    We attended Babaji’s Shivir in Mumbai in Jan this year. When Babaji did shambhavi dhyan sadhanas, he had, “Om Hrom Jum Saa” playing in the background during the sadhanas. My question is:

    Can w2e do Shambhavi Dhyan Sadhana using the Babaji’s CDs called,”Mahamrityunjay Mantra” where Babaji Chants “Om Bhur Bhuva Swah” then “Om Hrom Jum Saa” and then the MahaMrityunjay Mantra then “Om Swah Bhuvah Bhu” and then “Om Saa Jum Hrom Om”?
    If this CD cant be used during the Shambhavi Dhyan Meditation, then please advice what can we use it for.
    Jay Lal

    • brahmalok Says:

      Yes you can. You can play Gayatri MM mantra CD or Beej Mantra CD. Ideally. Don’t use any CDs. You must do the ‘jaap’ urself so that Sanjeevani gets further awaken in you. But for the beginners, it is ok to play it but must subside eventually.

      Namah Shivay.

  8. smanikkam Says:

    Hari Om,

    I have attended the Shivir. I would like to do the yoga asanas taught by Babaji but I suffer from severe arthritis and am unable to sit down. Can you please tell me how these asanas can be done? Thank you.

    • brahmalok Says:

      You may try to pick and choose asans that you are comfortable with and as you feel better, add more as per ur comfort levels. No need to rush, all are not compulsory for everyone.

      Namah Shivay.

  9. Jay Lal Says:

    In shivyog shivir Babaji mentioned about “Bhasm Amrit”. Could you please enlighten us more on it as to how we can make and benefit from it.

  10. shiv kumar mittal Says:

    every thing is very scietific I want vcd for these sirp kriyas and shiv stotras, plz inform me ,how to get them

    • brahmalok Says:

      Please check the posts of Sarp Kriya on this blog. Videos are posted in them.

      Namah Shivay.

      • Unknown Says:

        I have the Pranayam Cd (Poisar Shivir 2004). Its a big file around 500mb. How to give it to you???????? If you have any idea then contact
        Can any one teach me how to share all the stuff that I have? Easy method to share, The Recordings i have are all big files and reducing the file size deteriorates it quality

        • brahmalok Says:

          Upload on any free sites like rapidshare, megaupload, senditfile etc and send me the link along with ur details and I will post it on this blog.

          Namah Shivay

        • alka Says:

          hi i just came across this site and saw u have stuff to share i just took the course in toronto but lots of things were in hindi and i didnt understand …not sure how u start and so many things to do so i have bought the sri mantra statue the one with triangles but dont know what im suppose to do as far as rituals and what to start with…so many things..can u help me my and send me the pranayam cd ….and is that the steps of things u should do with meditation and all…thks

          • brahmalok Says:

            That triangle statue you call is called SriChakra or Sri Yantra to be precise. It is the most powerful yantra to connect to the Infinite energy. In order to meditate with it, you need to take diksha from Babaji on course called ‘Sri Vidya’. Checkout for any sri vidya shivir you can attend in near future and the rest Babaji will initiate on what, how to do with it.

            Namah Shivay

  11. priya sinha Says:

    om namah shivay!!
    namasta ,,
    i m priya i m regullar viewer of babaji on tv. i do maditation regullary with bijak mantra…. i want to know wht is sanjivani? please help me if u can… thanx alot for making such agood site.

    • brahmalok Says:

      Sanjeevani is the Shakti of the highest dimension. It is the Unconditional Love energy of Bhagwan Mahamritunjay. The most positive force in the Universe and beyond.

    • DHANANJAY Says:

      namah shivay priya ji pls attend any of the shivir of babaji as worldwide evnt is also going on..

  12. Naina Nair Says:

    Namah Shivaya,
    I have been watching babaji speak on aastha channel for the last two months. Now I am in UAE and as we do not get that channel here, I listen to babaji by dowloading videos posted by shivyog sadhaks. I would first of all like to thank each one of the sadhaks for taking the effort to download the videos. I have started chanting the Mahamritunjay mantra. I have a doubt. I recite the mantra without adding the om bhurbhvasva om sah jum…. Yesterday when i heard the mp3 of the mantra recited by babaji i was confused. Should i recite the exact words that babaji has recited or should i continue reciting only the mantra without the om saha houm jum….

    Please guide me on this. I have noticed tremendous change in the energy in my house and also in myself after i started reciting the mahamritunjay mantra.

    Could you please write the exact words and the entire mantra as it is and how many times it is to be recited in a day? I recite 21 times in the morning and 21 times at night and also during the day when i am working and going about doing my chores…
    Thanks & regards,

    • brahmalok Says:

      Either mantras are fine. Go thru the Mahamrityunjay Mantra post for more details on the mantras. More than the particular form of mantra, it is the Bhav or the feeling of surrender to Guru and Lord that is more important. As per Shastras, 3,6,9,11,21,108 are auspicious counts but as Baba says “Swasa di Mala naal Simra mein tera naam” so try to recite mantra once per breath…eventually. What you are doing right now is also perfectly fine as long you have the right Bhav.

      Namah Shivay.

    • Unknown Says:

      Pronunciation of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra
      // Om Bhur Bhuvah Swaha Om Hrom Jum Saha
      Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pusthi Vardhanam Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityor Mukshiya Mamritat
      Om Swaha Bhuva Bhu Om Saha Jum Hrom Om //

      Swansa di mala nal Simru mein tera naam. With Each breadth recite the name of the lord.Practice Every Movement. Choose any name whichever you like. Mantra diksha should be taken by Sadguru Only.

      Happy Journey
      Bless You

  13. Shilpa Says:

    Namah Shivay!
    Lots of thanks and blessings for this wonderful seva that you are doing.
    Though i want to and create before going to sleep that i will do the exercises in the morning, why dont i do them in the morning? Mostly i do not do them and once the time is past, i keep feeling guilty the whole day for not having done so. Its almost become a pattern.
    Kindly suggest. I want to get into a more positive pattern.
    Thank you.

    • brahmalok Says:

      For mornings, it is generally difficult as we are still in waking up state. Start by doing stretch up exercises and start with simple small kriyas shown in this blogpost. Once ur body/mind is fooled enough, keep adding one more kriyas till you are doing most of the ones 🙂 Also give positive affirmations to ur self like “Hey post starting to do kriyas, am becoming more energetic, that means more prana shakti is flowing in. or am becoming more thinner/healthy etc” this will slowly remove the inertia. Do it once, rest will follow.

      Namah Shivay.

  14. manan Says:

    it’s really great … I am really very much grateful …. namah shivay… shiv anant shiv kripa ananta…

  15. sudha Says:

    Dear Babaji,
    My husband has got vertigo problem how can i do healing, we are watching shiv yog on tv from past one week.

  16. lakshmi Says:

    Dear Babaji,
    Thanks for the seva you are doing for this mankind.
    Babaji i want to know if i can recite maha mrutyunjay mantra befors sunrise by freshning up or is it compulsotr to take bath and recite.

    • brahmalok Says:

      Babaji says to atleast clean ur hands, morning cleaning rituals, wash face etc(no full bath) AND brush ur teeth is compulsory.

      Namah Shivay

  17. Nidhi Says:

    Om Namaha Shivya
    I use to listen babaji on T.V. only can i use to write golden book ……………………………………………………….

    • brahmalok Says:

      It is better to attend the shivir, take diksha and then write golden book. Without diksha and sadhana, it will be bulb without the electricity.

      Namah Shivay

  18. jayalaxmi Says:

    Namah shivay.
    Ineed to know whether i could use cd for shri vidhya sadhan. I had i down loaded in my mobile somehow it got earsed.I play the cd.I do my sadhana regularily.I was doing it in the evening but these days i do it inthe morning reason is there is no one at that time.The other members are not shivyogis(.they need unconditional love )Without a cd i face these facts.
    1.I am not satisfied as i dont hear Babaji’s voice
    2.Dont get the heck of time
    Please help me to do my sadhana

  19. natasha Says:

    hello..recently i’ve started meditating..but what happens to me right after the process is when i fall asleep,i encounter myself in a state of sumthing like sleep paralysis.its like i feel i’m aware of what’s happening with me during this,but i couldn’t move any of my body parts.and i hear buzzing sounds in my ears..and get extremely scared and wake up..Now i’m really scared of going to bed at please tell me,should i continue meditating ?

    • brahmalok Says:

      Don’t worry these are early signs as you recently started your spiritual practice. Please continue by all means. Try to Witness and not find meaning in it. If you feel, please request Babaji to be with you and see the difference.

      Namah Shivay

  20. natasha Says:

    ok i got it..thank u so much

    Namah Shivay

  21. Karan Says:

    Hi brahmalok,

    the kriyas are not available for download anymore?
    it says file “not found”
    please put them up
    thanks for ur service gratitude
    namah shivaya

    • brahmalok Says:

      This blog post never had any Kriya videos. Sarp Kriya is a different blog post. It is available on multiple hosts so please check every hosts. If it is still not available then let me know, I will repost them.

      Namah Shivay.

  22. kirti Says:

    Thank you for uploading babaji’s videos. I always watch them and am hooked to them. I have not attended the shivir but i always chant mantra as i have bought cd from divine shop, london. Is is ok to chant and listen to this? many thanks,

    • brahmalok Says:

      No this is to be chanted only to one who is given Diksha by Babaji. You can however listen to it in your house and it will energize your house with positive energy. Babaji is coming to London soon. Take diksha from him and chant as much as you want 🙂

      Namah Shivay.

  23. chandrika Says:

    thank you n may shiva keep showering his lov upon u yr family.sir, can u pls, teach us how 2 do koorma kriya?please.

  24. manjeet Says:

    om namah shivaya

    can i know more about sanjeevni and mrit sanjeevni…. i attend the shivir but i forget how to do..

    • brahmalok Says:

      Sure. Please attend a Shivir of Shivyog to learn it as it cannot be described on the net.

      Namah Shivay

  25. Puspavan Rath Says:

    Namah Shivay !
    I am initiated to Sri Vidya only.I’m yet want to learn some prana kriya , could you please upload any video of Prana kriya. I’m unable to understand from this written format.
    Please help.
    Namah Shivay

  26. raj Says:

    can we do sadhana on the days we are non-veg. ifeel guilty not doing any sadhana. if we cannot what can we do on the days we are non-veg

    • brahmalok Says:

      Just keep doing Sadhana by surrendering to Babaji. As you are cleansed internally you will automatically abstain from nv.

      Namah Shivay

  27. manjeet Says:

    can i know what n how is manas puja

    • brahmalok Says:

      Manas Puja is done internally within yourself. So you mentally assume you are sitting in front of a ordinary one but say Jagrit SL or Jyotirling, offering milk from Divine Kamdhenu cow, offering divine water from 7 most revered rivers, etc…. This if done with Bhav(emotions) of surrender to the Guru and Lord and lots of devotion will help you a lot on Spiritual Path. You can take it one step further by doing it in Advait form i.e you are that Divine Shivling and offering to the Shiv within that it you!

      Namah Shivay

  28. geetha Says:

    i am watching your program on tv .i am impressed. at present one of our family member is suffering from mitteral valve prolaps. i want a remedy thro your asanas please help us with necessery informations . omnamahshivaya

    • brahmalok Says:

      First and foremost, this site is dedicated to Shivyog and Babaji and I am not Babaji. You are watching Babaji’s program on TV. You can read more about him on Secondly, if you wish to request for healing, please register yourself and send a healing request in the required format(format will be send as an email) to shivyog_healing group. You can join at

      Namah Shivay

  29. Prakash Says:

    Om Nama Shivay
    Can mahamrutunjay mantra chant full day (any where if i am walking)

  30. Vijayakumar Says:

    Nama Shivaya!
    This is a wonderful attempt in bringing together thoughts and Practices of Shiva Yog by our Adorable Baba Shivanandaji. I offer my Pranams with atmost gratitude and devotion at the Holy feet of Sidhas and Babaji.
    Pl keep updating as this will serve as review site as well for many who took initiations early and could not attend shibirs in recent times.
    I find none of the videos are linked/working. Are they disabled?

  31. gaurang Says:

    Namah shivay! After taking DIKSHA, can we chant shree vidya mantra full day (i.e. while doing other activities)?pl. clarify my doubt according to BABAJI’S guidance.

  32. usha Says:

    I hav done d prati prasav course . I want to knw frm Babaji am I a shivyogi or am I not to practice d kriyas

  33. ajaykumar Says:

    Dear Sadhaks ,
    Iam a shambavi sadhak, and do sadhana everyday. I have doubt pls do clarify it. After invoking mother sanjeevani(invocation) and then pray and thank ,lord shiv shiva and gurumandal and mother sanjeevani.when send mother sanjeevani to each part or chakra or koshas . do we chant the divine beej mantra everytime,like maa aap mere anandamayakosha main pravahit ho then chant beej mantra, do we do this or we chant the mantra only at the end.becuase babaji thought to send sanjeevani to diffrent koshas, chakras, each organs, each cell and Dna, diffrent aspects of your life, and then only in the end chant the mantra for 15minutes or as your desire.please let me know.
    If any sadhak can send me the whole process of shambavi dyan, i would be very grateful to you.Please do send it to my e-mail id.

  34. premal Says:

    Can we keep on chanting mahamritunjay mantra continously for healing problems in marital relations ??
    I frequently follow babajis tv shows and read his articles . I am abeginner please guide me .

  35. cherylle Says:

    pls can i ask humbly for babajis blessings and shiv kripaa an healing for little shivesh naidoo of south africa durban hank you kindly namah shivay sunita singh

  36. Jeevani Says:

    Bless me babaji. Namah shivay.

  37. h Says:

    Namah Shivay Brahmalok, I wanted to share pranayam cd on this site…

    • brahmalok Says:

      Please upload it somewhere and send me the link to the file along with your complete details as a comment on this blog and I can take it from there.

      Namah Shivay

  38. manoj singh Says:

    i feel lots of energy when i do mantra sadhana and when i sit comfortably but sometime i feel very low and depression i am doinng sadhana from last 1o years please suggest me how to use the energy

  39. varsha vaish Says:

    namah shivay !
    Doing a wonderful job….. God bless you ! Thanks babaji….

  40. Bishnu Says:

    Classic, Super, Thank You Somuch.

  41. Monika Says:

    Namah Shivaya Bhaiya… 🙂

  42. Sumesh Kapur Says:

    Namah Shivay, ihave recently joined durga saptshati shivir in rani bagh through viedeo after my wife connected with you in GURGON shivir. in the shivirs baba jee when says that pls. close your eyes and get the full breath in throw it out with all the -ve thoghts but when i do this i cannot feel the healings, why i . pls.suggest me the right way.cannot understand

  43. urvashi Says:

    Namah shivay respected and dearest shivyog sadhaks! 🙂 plzz tell me is there Martial Arts inShivyog…? Plzz answer me

  44. Mrs.Namrata s. teraiya Says:

    Namah shivay just keep 100% trust on your guru and ask all question to him you will be healed sure in all situation om namah shivay shraddha bhakti and seva.- Namrata Shaileshkumar Teraiya

  45. dew Says:

    Namha shivaya,i attended babajis navdurga saptashati in mumbai,then prati prasava in hyederabad.i wan to know that in prati prasava Ishan Acharya evoke sanjeevani,so at home when we doing shiv dhyan or before durga saptashati i just called sanjeevani, so is it start flowing or not how i came to know pl tell me becoz i ask so many sadhak but everyone told me diff? N im doing 4times durga saptashati per day, also writing golden book, is there anything other sadhana that i can do, i hav delayed marriage n relationship problem i need quick result now as i tired of doing so many other sadhana since last 6yrs,or there is no any way to communication wit help me

    • brahmalok Says:

      As Babaji always says ‘A Shivyogi never complaints but creates’. So you too must only concentrate on your Sadhana along with positive intention of what you want to achieve BUT without putting any time constraints.

      Whatever is best will happen eventually.

      Namah Shivay

  46. anand sharma Says:

    mumbai me kaha sikhaya jata hai krapayaa pataa bataye

  47. Prashanta Says:

    Thanks a lot to all of you for sharing your experience. I would like to do shambhavi shadhana but I could not get the approval to attend the shivir in kolkatta. Can somedbody help me how I can do this as the astrologer has told me I have a lot of Graha Doshas and I would like to overcome all the difficulties.

    Thanks and Regards

  48. sanjay Says:

    Namah Shivaya could you load the Prana Kriyas by Babaji

  49. Rockie Says:

    1- Please tell me about the difference between “Infinite dimensional Shambhavi” shivir and “Shambhavi” shivir.

    2- And if someone is already doing Yoga, Pranayama every day, can he only do the meditation part of the Sadhana after taking Diksha?


  50. ssom Says:

    Hi I have just relocated to Dubai and want to know name and phone no’s of the shiv yog sadhaks here so that I can participate in the sadhanas and satsangs here..kindly help asap.
    Namah shivaya

  51. ashika Says:

    Om namah Shiva, I want to attend shivir in 2nd week of december 2017, i am from pacific islands, l want know do I need identification card if yes how can I get one. Please tell me.
    om namah shiva

    • brahmalok Says:

      As far as I know, you need to register online and pay online. When you come to the shivir on the first day, you will get ID cards from the registration counters. This is the procedure I have seen, dunno if it has changed now. Kindly call up the ashram and inquire for more details about the exact process OR contact local SY groups for further assistance.

      Namah Shivay

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